Dear Santa, Some Merry Elves and Free Printables

We are getting ready for our "Elfy" to come so I thought I'd re-post this from last year.  It's already fun to look back at the girls' handwriting from a year ago.  The link last year wasn't exactly right but with Jeff's help, all of the glitches should be worked out.  Have fun and Merry Christmas!

It's that time....time for a special letter to go to the Jolly Old Saint and all of his Elves in the North Pole!  

This is the first year that the twins remember a bit of the magic from last year and are aware of the concept of Santa and his elves.  So far, so fun!  They loved "writing" a letter to Santa.

After their letters were done, we put them in an envelope and made sure to attach two Santa stamps (one stamp will only get the letter half way there, you know).

Soon this little guy will appear with a very important letter from Santa himself!  His job, to help Santa with his list of good boys and girls.  He is kind of a mix between the Elf on The Shelf and The Elf Magic Elves and my own imagination.  I have found so many great ideas of what to do with our Elf on Pinterest.

We know it's from Santa, it even has a "seal of excellence" on the back...and says, "Santa Express" on the front.  It must be pretty important!  Here's what the letter says:

And who are these three little elves going to?

The year the twins were born, three of my siblings had babies there's a group of five (I call them the Fantastic Five) cousins all the same age. All of the cousins will meet their magic elves soon!

I had such a great time creating this for my family, I thought it would be fun to share it with you!  I'll list all of my sources and then all you will need to do is click on the pictures below to get a PDF version of all the printables.
  • I found our elves HERE (the prices were awesome and I LOVE the dolls...they are a great size and have a vintage feel and wired bodies so you can pose them, etc. and I literally had them two days after I ordered them).
  • The gold seals I found at Office Max...they were the perfect touch to make the letter from Santa look official.  They were over by the stationary...I'm assuming they were for awards, certificates, etc.
  • I have created labels to and from Santa, official stamps from the North Pole, a blank letter head from Santa (in case you have something specific you'd like to write), the official letter from Santa about his special elf, and a guided letter to Santa. 

Just click on the pictures below to print your PDF's.   I hope you will enjoy!

Click on the Picture to print



  1. That's wonderful Hannah! I am going to print those letters. I still have one who's excited for Santa.


  2. These are wonderful. In your letter from Santa although, in the last sentence it is missing maybe a "to".

  3. Yes, Tiffini. I found that mistake after I took pictures, etc. I have fixed it and it should be correct on the PDF files. :) I'm glad you mentioned it, I'm sure others are wondering the same thing! :)

  4. I wanted to use your stuff for the project, but I can't seem to find the "To Santa" labels in the PDF, only the "FROM Santa." Is there any way to get them?

  5. Wait--you're in Boise? I'm in Meridian! I bought your paper dolls a few months back for my little girl, can't wait to give them to her for Christmas. I really love your designs, and am so happy to know you are a local talent.

    I too noticed the "too Santa" labels seem to be missing. I would love to have them if you find the time!

    Thanks again, and Happy Holidays!

  6. The elves are adorable, which is saying a lot because some of the actual vintage ones can be kind of creepy. My husband has a few small ones (for the tree) from his childhood that are missing their bodies, and he still won't let me get rid of them! Connections to childhood are so strong. One day your kids will look back on this elf the same way. I like the one with green on the best. I've shared your post on my FB page.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this....August is Month of the Elf over at Magic I am featuring your great stuff as a pre-kick this!!

  8. All of the glitches should be worked out so please enjoy!

  9. Thanks Hannah for re-posting this. I was needing it again for my kids. Love it!

  10. So-super-cute!
    This is a must this year!


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