March 2014 Outfits of the Month

Anybody else watching Downton Abbey?  This was a fun one as these are the styles the ladies are wearing right now in the show.  I love the dropped waists in this decade in fashion history.  Everything looks so comfortable!  

1921-1930 Time Line:

1921: Amelia Earhart takes her first flying lesson.

1922: Insulin is discovered.

1923: Roy and Walt Disney found Walt Disney Company.

1924: First Olympic Winter Games.

1925: Hitler publishes his first manifesto Mein Kampf.

1926: A.A. Milne publishes Winnie-the-Pooh.

1927: Babe Ruth makes home run record.

1928: Bubble Gum invented.

1929: The Great Depression begins.

1930: The Chocolate Chip cookie is invented by Ruth Wakefield at the Toll House Inn in Whitman, MA
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February 2014 Outfits of the Month

1911-1920 Time Line:

1911: J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan flies through the air.

1912: The sinking of the Titanic.

1913: The Panama Canal is completed.

1914: World War I begins.

1915: Girl Scouts officially established (first meeting was in 1912).

1916: Norman Rockwell draws his first Saturday Evening Post cover.

1917: The Uncle Sam I Want You poster brings thousands of recruits to World War I.

1918: Daylight Savings Time to goes into effect on March 31.

1919: 18th Amendment establishing Prohibition is passed.

1920: 19th Amendment passed giving women the right to vote.


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2014 Oufit of the Month Decade of Fashion

Welcome to January 2014!

What an exciting year of outfits I have planned for you!  This year we will celebrate:
A Century of Fashion
- See more at:
It was so fun to create outfits for each decade of the 20th Century (and into the 21st), I admit I got a little carried away and ended up doing TWO outfits for each month.  So, for those of you who are members of the club, the first outfit has arrived in your inbox.  The second I will offer each month for only $1.50.

I hope you enjoy playing with these as much as I enjoyed creating them!  Happy 2014!

1900-1910 Time Line:

1900: Kodak introduces the first handheld camera.

1901: First Nobel Prize awarded.

1902: The “Teddy” Bear is introduced.

1903: The Wright Brothers make their first flight.

1904:  New York City subway opens.

1905: Einstein proposes his theory of relativity.

1906: Kellogg's starts selling Corn Flakes.

1907: First electric washing machine is introduced.

1908: Ford introduces the Model-T .

1909: Plastic is invented

Re-Post from Last Year: St. Lucia Bringer of Light Free Doll and December Deals

I have always loved all things Scandinavian. Probably because I have Scandinavian (specifically Swedish and Danish) blood flowing through my veins!  Jeff does too.   
So this year I decided to honor our heritage and join with most of Scandinavia (and a lot of other places too) in celebration of St. Lucia Day!  This, the 13th day of December is when Christmas begins.  There is singing, worship, candle light processions, and feasts.

This is Carl Larsson's painting of Lucia, 1908 

In church, young women sing the traditional St. Lucia song which describes how Lucia overcame darkness and found light. One girl is chosen each year to represent Lucia.

 The story of St. Lucia (or St. Lucy) has many variations.  My favorite is the version that tells of a young Christian girl who brought food and clothing to families in hiding for their beliefs.  This version tells that Lucy wore the crown of candles on her head to light her way so that her hands could be free to serve and help those in need.  Her light is a preparation for the light that came from the Star of Bethlehem and the birth of "The Light of the World".   I have pinned a whole bunch of other versions if you are interested.

 My version of St. Lucia bread.  This symbolizes the headpiece St. Lucy wore. 

I Wish you could smell our house right now.  I just used this recipe and added a bit more sugar and juice from some oranges I had and some ground cloves and cinnamon (sorry just did everything to taste).   Then topped them with Craisins and holly leaves...we happen to have a holly bush which is so fun!  If you want a more detailed recipe, this looks like a good one.  

Here are our  mini-Lucia's.  They wanted candles on their heads but we opted for candles on the bread. :)  I did look for some electric head pieces but they are not easy to find!  Maybe next year. 

Such a fun and dramatic gift to give!  Our friends and neighbors seemed to really enjoy our new tradition. :)

 I also thought it would be fun to celebrate with a St. Lucy doll.  So I thought I'd share it with all of you!  Enjoy!

Just click on the picture and download.  For more freebies go HERE.  To order your own custom doll go HERE.

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Do you celebrate St. Lucia day?  Have you adopted traditions from other parts of the world?  What traditions have you kept from your ancestors?

November Outfit of the Month and Printed Packages are BACK


Our eleventh stop this year will be to Spain!  We are celebrating the Flamenco folk dance/music Spain is known for.
“Flamenco  is a form of Spanish folk music and dance from the region of Andalusia in southern Spain. It includes Cante (singing), Toque (guitar playing), Baile (dance) and Palmas (handclaps). 
In recent years flamenco has  become popular all over the world and is taught in many countries.  In Japan there are more academies than there are in Spain!  On November 16, 2010 UNESCO declared flamenco one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. ”

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October 2013 Outfit of the Month


Our tenth stop this year will be to Guatemala!

“Guatemalan womens' outfits consist mainly of  Trajes. A blouse, a belt and a skirt of sorts.
 They’re always colorfully dressed.  The colors in the Trajes, represent  the villages where
 they live.  Westerners are concerned with matching their clothes, not wearing certain
 colors after  certain holidays, not wearing polka dots with stripes, etc. In Guatemala, this
 concept is nonexistent.  Traditional women’s clothing has stripes within stripes, colors 
 encircling other colors and patterns in larger patterns.  It is beautiful!”

New Outfits! 
I am working on Religions Around the World outfits.  I thought I'd start with mine since I know it and love it so well (LDS) I would love suggestions from you on other lines (Jewish, Catholic, etc., etc.). I thought these would be perfect for taking to church service to keep little hands busy. :) 
Included are a total of 8 outfits and a Molly and Peter doll

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