Ollie's Blessing Day

"A little bit of heaven
Drifted down from above
A handful of happiness,
A heart full of love.
The mystery of life,
So sacred and so sweet
The giver of joy
so deep and complete.
Precious and priceless,
So lovable too
The world's sweetest miracle,
Baby boy, is you."
- Unknown

Our precious Oliver Bradley was blessed by his dad on Sunday May 29, 2011, surrounded by the love and devotion of so many friends and family members (including four grandparents and four great grandparents). He was blessed to be a light to those around him and an example to his family.  He was also blessed to learn from his sisters "the good things of this world".  And my favorite, that he will find a sweet girl to marry and that together they will do great things.  

I love the priesthood, I love that I will now have a boy to raise.  I already see things so differently, thinking about how the world and the gospel of Christ will affect my boy.  I want to be a good example of what a wife and mother should be so that he will seek out someone who will have those attributes. 

One thing is for sure, this boy is LOVED

He wore the hat and shoes/socks that all of his uncles (my brothers) wore when they were blessed.  The blanket he was wrapped in was a gift to my mom from my Great Grandma Egbert.  I and all of my siblings were blessed with that blanket around us. So Ollie used the blanket that was a gift from his Great,Great Grandmother. :)  

I found his little linen romper online.  It is vintage, I'm guessing from the '60's. I loved the charming embroidery detail  on the front.  It is a size 6 months so I was worried that it would be too big but it fit him perfectly!

We are proud parents. :)

One of the thirty pictures we tried to get of all of us together with three very tired, very crazy girls.  This one made me laugh.

I loved this one.  This is Grandma Stevenson with her twins (Jeff's dad is on the left) holding our twins!
Four generations 

 These two were so cute!  They talked and talked.  They are only a few years apart in age and seemed to just really enjoy one another. 

 Loved this shot

Aren't they the prettiest Great-Grandma's ever? I hope I look half as good at their age.  Just think of the wisdom they have in all of those years to share!

Britta snuck in some pictures while I soothed Ollie ...I loved this one.

Jeff's mom has made a sweet little name bracelet for each of our children on their blessing day.  I love this little tradition. 

It was my sister Britta and her husband Clint's 13th Anniversary that day as well.  We had a great time celebrating with them the night before.

My sister.  I wish I could just reach through the screen and hug her!

Found Britta's Elsa and my Laurel snuggly sleeping that night and couldn't resist...seriously so cute!

And I loved this one of Ollie and Abby...so sweet
Basically this boy has brought us even more love and even more happiness than we could have ever imagined.  I'm always amazed at the miracle and beauty of a new life.   Sometimes I literally feel like I have to pinch myself.  I am living my dream...I can't imagine being happier...really.

Favorites on Friday...Facebook

(haha get it, face....book?)

Well I finally did it.  I finally created a page in Facebook that will be totally dedicated to all things Lily&Thistle.  It was time (past time).  I've always liked Facebook because it is a great tool to connect and reconnect with people who mean something to me. Like friends from my childhood and people I taught and served my mission with years ago and heck even people who live down the street.  It is so fun to see what people are up to and thinking.

But since Ollie was born, I don't just like Facebook, I love it.  Why? Because it is a lot easier to write a few short lines about what is happening with life and with the business then it is to do a whole blog post and right now, that is a welcomed way to stay connected!  After all, wouldn't you rather spend time cuddling with this guy?

 (the small one...the big one my friends, although I know is tempting, is taken)

So, I hope if you have a Facebook account, you will go right over and "like" Lily&Thistle!  

For two reasons:

  1. You can get lots of great deals/promotions that will only be available there!  
  2. We can have more of a conversation then we can here.

So, go HERE and "like" me will ya (you can also just go on the left hand side and click the "like" button)?!  Oh and don't forget to enter to win a free ULTIMATE package by leaving a comment HERE.  I will be choosing winners on Monday!

New Outfit Line...Girls in Sports

These outfits are about a year in the making!  I will be posting pictures soon but couldn't wait to show you.  What do you think?  Do any of these outfits remind you of sports you participated in as a girl (or do you still do any of them)?  What about your favorite girl?  

Reminder: this whole month you get a free Outfit of the Month membership with any purchase over $10!

To order the printed version click HERE
To order the print-it-yourself version click HERE

Favorites on Friday...Chickpeas

I am officially on the Chickpeas (garbanzo bean) wagon!  Do you know about these little beans and how delish they are (and how healthy they are)?

If you want to see just how good for you they are, you can read all about them on an awesome site, a non profit with the mission of promoting healthy eating called "The World's Healthiest Foods"

Anyway, I've been experimenting with a bunch of different recipes and have found some gems to share with you. My food motto is: "Good for you can taste good to you" (I know, pretty catchy).  I am not one to eat something just because it's good for me...it has to taste great too. So with that in mind, I wanted to share some yummy/healthy recipes with you that have me feeling full and fantastic!

The first comes from one of my  new favorite blogs "Chocolate Covered Katie".  She makes healthy deserts..no seriously, like spinach ice cream and zucchini chocolate grasshopper pie.  Well...this one is AMAZING!  I served it for dessert last night and everyone loved it (even my husband who can smell "healthy" a mile away).  After they finished I told them it was primarily made of chickpeas!  They were shocked and happy!  She calls it "Blondie Batter Dip".  It is just like a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough.  We dipped apples and graham crackers in it.  Divine!

Here's the link (you're welcome): Blondie Batter Dip

Next up...Hummus!  We love it on our sandwiches, crackers, as a dip for carrots...well really any veggie and just about anything else we can think of to put it on.  I particularly love it with sun dried tomatoes, so this recipe is my new favorite. 

Last but not least...my new snacking addiction.  Roasted chickpeas! Yummy...they kind of remind me of the corn nuts I had every once in a while as a child...but not as hard.  So good.  I found this recipe for Salt and Vinegar Roasted Chickpeas and found that I like them a bit more if I leave them in the vinegar for about 15 mins. instead of 30.  YUM.

Hope you try at least one of these...if you do, let me know! Do you have any great chickpea recipes?

June Outfit of the Month

"I  wonder  what it would be like to live in a world
 where it was always June."
-  L. M. Montgomery

Is it as cold where you are as it is here?  It actually snowed this weekend here in the northern Nevada desert! I'm ready for summer weather...or at least a nice spring day.  That's why I had so much fun creating this outfit.  It reminds me of strolling down a boardwalk on a warm evening...no jacket needed!

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