Favorites on Friday...Random but Charming

These days the thing I like to do best is sit on my pregnant bum and look at blogs and fantasize about having the energy some day to actually do some of the projects.  I found this site the other day (sorry it was in the middle of a blogfest and I can't remember who showed it to me).  This site = me + chuckling:

 Now lets go to my "things I'll do when I have energy" picks shall we?

I really want to make all three girls a ton of cute nightgowns for spring/summer.  I love the idea of pretty little gowns that they feel good in and only having one article to clean instead of two (their pajama separates seriously take over our laundry bin).  I found this blog that talked about this tutorial and I think I'd better start looking for some cute pillowcases!

And then there is the boy think about! I mentioned  Boy Month going on right now.  I've already got about 10 projects in the works for this little guy and about 20 more ideas.  I've decided I love the European look of little boys more than the "Hard Rock Cafe" look or the "Bob the Builder" look and I cringe when I see "All Star" or "Little Champ"...I mean that's a lot of pressure! ;)

I know that reality will sink in and that he'll end up wearing some of those things (and I'll probably think they're fine) but these French patterns have me dreaming of our little Ollie looking like Christopher Robin or the boy with the red balloon (charming according to me).

Do you have any favorite ideas/projects for the spring?  Have you seen The Red Balloon (or should I say Le Ballon Rouge)?  I watched it in grade school and it made such an impression on me...so simple but so sweet.

Hope you are all having a great day and that your weekend is even better! XXOO 

Boy Month and a Giveaway

Dana and Rae are at it again this year.  A whole month dedicated to boys!   For obvious reasons, this year, I have been waiting with baited breath for each and every post.  If you have a little man in your life, and you haven't already gone over, you won't regret taking a minute to look at all of the wonderful ideas they have from last year and this year...good stuff!

Also, today Dana is hosting a giveaway for an Ultimate Package of boy dolls!  And, to celebrate our little boy coming next month, I'm offering a 15% discount on ALL products in the shop...just enter MADE in the discount box before checkout.

As always, Dana did some great photos of her little man, Owen and his MiniMe.  She has been such a support to me since the beginning of this whole paper doll venture.  I still remember when I was in the very early stages, she cheered me on and gave me some great insights (most of the time very late at night) via online chat and phone.  She is a great person.  She is one online friend I hope to meet someday! 

So go on over and enter for your chance to win!

Favorites on Friday...The Pregnancy Edition

So this may only apply to a few of you right now but I thought I'd share two of my favorites during this pregnancy.  Would you like to know what has helped me feel more comfortable and happy this time?  
The Bella Band (found mine at Target)

I can’t believe I spent the span of two full pregnancies (one of them with twins) without ever owning one!  I had heard of the concept before and even made a few using old undershirts but they never compared to the quality and support of the real deal.  I know there are cheaper versions out there, but nothing has compared to these.  I’m now hooked.

The concept is simple.  It’s an elastic band that fits over the top of your jeans/pants/skirts and up onto your belly.  You can use it to cover the fact that your jeans are unbuttoned, to hold up maternity pants/skirts that are a bit too loose, or simply to wear under shirts that are too short.  I bought three (two white one black) and I have seriously used them every single day of my pregnancy and plan to use them  postpartum as well.  Right now, I am really appreciating the support it gives my belly and even back.  So I would definitely say the Bella Band is a favorite!

Jewel Lullaby (I found it a Target but have seen it at Walmart too)

I discovered this a while back and it is seriously one of my favorite albums of all time!  It calms me (and the girls) down when the day is getting crazy or when it's nap time.  Jewels' voice is like magic in this album...seriously angelic.  It is all acoustic and 10 of the songs she wrote herself.   I listened to it at a little kiosk in Target and decided to get it and am so glad I did.  Seriously a favorite over here!

I've also really been enjoying burnt almond chocolate ice cream, chocolate in general, limes, tums (well I enjoy that they usually get rid of my heartburn), and Marshmallow Matey's (off brand of Lucky Charms). :)

Do you have any favorites?  Please share!

Back in the Saddle Again...

My sewing machine and I have become reacquainted again after a long break.  While stitching away I couldn't get the lyrics, "reunited and it feels so good." out of my mind...it does feel good.

I've mostly been making stuff for baby Bradley and I did make a Pod for baby Ollie (that's what we've decided to name this little babe) coming next month

 I've got some fun ideas for a quilt and some shirts up my sleeve and am so excited for Dana and Rae's boy month (if you haven't heard about it, check it out here and here...so many awesome ideas just for boys)!

Ahhh, one of my favorite parts of sewing is when everything is ironed and pinned, ready to sew....

I made some Better Burpies (plan to make a whole lot more...you can never have too many burpies.  Am I right?!)

And some Pod Swaddlers...the striped one on the left is Ollie's and Bradley already has his green one. :)

 And of course my go-to slipper pattern for some soft slippers for baby Bradley's little feet (Ollie gets a pair too)!

Are you working on any fun projects at the moment? Do share!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

Meg from Megan Elle photography is a magician.  I was so lucky to be contacted by her a couple of months ago with a request to photograph some of my dolls.  Of course after seeing her beautiful work and site, I was ecstatic to agree!  Here are just a few samples of her magic with paper dolls:



If you are in the Portland area and looking for someone to create magic for you, I would highly recommend Megan Elle Photography!

Baby Bradley is Here...

"Babies are such a nice way to start people."
Don Herrold

I'm sure you remember when I mentioned Camille and I were both expecting baby boys.  Baby Bradley made his debut this morning!!!  I just got back from meeting him and seeing his happy, happy parents.  There is NOTHING like the spirit of a new little life.  It was hard to leave, there was so much peace and joy.  Camille was kind enough to let me share some precious pictures with you!

Aren't they both just beautiful?!

Valentine Giveaway Winner and a Discount...

You are the winner and your dish sounds fabulous!  Please email me and I'll get your prize right out to you!

And as a thanks to the rest of you, I'm offering a 25% discount on all Valentines.  Just type in code LILY at checkout!

Favorites on Friday...Our Favorite Meal and a Giveaway

My favorite little helper in the Kitchen

Jenny at The Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts invited me over to share one of our family's favorite meals today.  She is doing a great new series called "Meals Kids Love".  She has asked a slew of bloggers to share, I'm so excited to see what others contribute 'cause heaven knows I need all the help I can get coming up with new ideas!  Anyway, to see one of our family's favorites, click on over.

Now on to the 


In the spirit of favorite meals, I thought I'd give you a little incentive to share one of your favorite family meals with all of us (it doesn't have to be a meal, it could be a treat, side dish...whatever)! 

The prize?  A full PDF package of Valentine cards and Posters sent to your inbox!  

So to be entered into the drawing all you need to do is:

Leave a comment telling me about one of your favorite meals and if you happen to have a link to a recipe that would be great too (if not, that's OK, but I may be emailing you for the recipe!)

Ends Monday at midnight!

February Outfit of the Month

 This song reminds me of my girls...just how I feel about them.

If you haven't signed up yet, you can go HERE!  

SPECIAL DEAL: Sign up today and I'll include January's outfit free!