Favorites on Friday...Random but Charming

These days the thing I like to do best is sit on my pregnant bum and look at blogs and fantasize about having the energy some day to actually do some of the projects.  I found this site the other day (sorry it was in the middle of a blogfest and I can't remember who showed it to me).  This site = me + chuckling:

 Now lets go to my "things I'll do when I have energy" picks shall we?

I really want to make all three girls a ton of cute nightgowns for spring/summer.  I love the idea of pretty little gowns that they feel good in and only having one article to clean instead of two (their pajama separates seriously take over our laundry bin).  I found this blog that talked about this tutorial and I think I'd better start looking for some cute pillowcases!

And then there is the boy think about! I mentioned  Boy Month going on right now.  I've already got about 10 projects in the works for this little guy and about 20 more ideas.  I've decided I love the European look of little boys more than the "Hard Rock Cafe" look or the "Bob the Builder" look and I cringe when I see "All Star" or "Little Champ"...I mean that's a lot of pressure! ;)

I know that reality will sink in and that he'll end up wearing some of those things (and I'll probably think they're fine) but these French patterns have me dreaming of our little Ollie looking like Christopher Robin or the boy with the red balloon (charming according to me).

Do you have any favorite ideas/projects for the spring?  Have you seen The Red Balloon (or should I say Le Ballon Rouge)?  I watched it in grade school and it made such an impression on me...so simple but so sweet.

Hope you are all having a great day and that your weekend is even better! XXOO 


  1. Those French patterns are adorable! Why couldn't the I have found those 10 years ago???

  2. Hannah, just because they where "allstar" or "little champ", it doesn't mean that you will expect them to be just that. I always thought it was just cute, that's all. My boys have never felt pressured. :) I'm sure if you give in and have little Ollie wear those things, he won't feel pressured either, because you and Jeff will raise him differently than that. :D

    I love the french patterns too. I'm with Chris, where were these 10 years ago. And I'm going to make some of those summer nightgowns for my girls.

  3. Thanks so much for featuring iCandy and the Pillowcase post! Such a nice surprise!

  4. ...we have two articles of clothing for AndyPand with winnie the pooh on them. I have issues with licensed characters. We've all got our 'thing'. ;)
    And fortunately, Ollie won't be able to *read* "All Star", so the pressure is off.

    I've been going gaga (not Lady...) over those Citronille patterns for a while. I keep looking at my McCalls or Butterick patterns trying to figure out how to adapt them. I think it's all about the fabrics.
    Now, as for their fairy tale costume book... that's a different story!

    Oh, and the nightgown pillowcases? Genius.

    I should email you more and make lengthy blog comments less.

  5. I've heard of pillowcase dresses before but not nightgowns. My middle daughter is definitely a nightgown girl and would really like these. The purple one is my favorite.

  6. i have vivid memories of la balloon rouge! incredible that someone else does too!!


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