My Little Artists...

If we'd let her, Maisy would literally spend all day sitting in the studio drawing, coloring...creating. 

 She came this way.  Even at 18 months, we took pictures of her coloring with such intense focus...

 She is loving the paper dolls to color idea.  I am loving watercolor pencils.  The girls can color then paint with no mess! 

 Because frankly there is a lot of "mess" going on in here!  It usually doesn't take Norah and Laurel long to find out "The Studio" is where all of the action is.

This is what my "Sanctuary" looked like today...doesn't take them long does it?!

 But Maisy usually loves the company.... and so do I

 Laurel's not so bad either...she loves creating too.

 My favorite part about today? When the twins shared a seat and a sheet of paper doll outlines and helped each other decide what colors they would use for their special outfits.  Seriously the cutest thing ever!

A Little Hint...

I've been up to some pretty exciting things here in the studio.

I am just in brainstorming mode now. Unfortunately, I don't think either design will be a part of the final product.  Ah well, it's always fun to get away from the computer and paint. More info to come!

Happy Valentines Day...Enjoy 20 percent Off...

"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart.  It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul." -Judy Garland

 This is a new tradition we started this year.  Valentine's mailboxes.  My sister sent me the custom vinyl stickers (she'll make anything so if you ever need some vinyl cut, contact her!) for each $1 mailbox I found at Target.  There are boxes for Jeff and me too.  Anyway, the idea is simple.  I put them out in the beginning of February and we put sweet little notes and treats to each other up until Valentines day.  The girls love waking up to see what is in their mailbox and it has been fun to help them make little notes for Daddy and each other.

 Today, I put the treats that Grandma and Grandpa A sent.  They were so excited!

Happy Valentines Day!

Enjoy an extra 20% off everything!  Code: LOVE12

To Get the Full Value of Joy...

You must have someone to divide it with.
-Mark Twain

I thought this would be appropriate for Valentines Month.

My beautiful little sister-in-law (in law and love) just married a great guy named Ethan.  They are an adorable couple. They are so excited to share their lives with each other.  I know they will do great things together...they are a power house of optimism, strength and smarts!

I snapped some shots of their day and with their permission, I thought I'd share a few with you.  

Such a big day ahead!

Mother of the Bride

Cozette's Fascinator

The twins were calling Brittney a "Princess" all day (and Ethan is still called "Brittany's Prince").  The Temple, a Castle. 

 Here's a shot you might enjoy. :)  Everyone was so tired and least I'm smiling!

Time to CELEBRATE!  
Before most of the guests came, our immediate family had the dance floor to ourselves!  Daddy Daughter sweet.  I love the one of Jeff dancing with both of the twins at once.

 Getting in some quality cousin time!

 Loved this one of Jeff's brother Phillip and his wife, Rebecca.  Expecting their second after 10 years!

 Two of my favorite guys!

 Wanna know why Ashton is smiling so big?  He just stole a kiss from his cousin Maisy! :)

 This one made me cry...Jerry, my father-in-law watching his baby girl dance with her new husband...such a sweet moment.  I can't imagine the feelings.  Bittersweet I'm sure.


And I thought I'd leave you with this closing shot.  Seriously THE hardest time of the day and of course that's what time pictures were for us. :)  This was the best shot we got...the rest, the girls were literally screaming. :)

Valentine Hugs...

At the rate I'm going, I have about 7000 crafts/DIY/home projects, etc. to do!  Gotta love Pinterest (and believe me I do).  I spent many o' nights "pinning" while feeding Baby Ollie during those early months...really made "no sleep" enjoyable I must say, and now I would choose an hour of Pinterest over television any day.

I have actually done some of the things I've pinned so I thought today I'd share one of the latest projects the girls and I did together with you.  It was such a fun, easy project.  The girls loved it and it will be such a cute keepsake for loved ones.

You can find the original tutorial HERE.  Consider yourself  HUGGED! :)

February Outfit of the Month and More Goodies in the Shop...

February is seriously one of my favorite months.  I have always loved Valentines season.  When I was growing up, each year my five siblings and I could look forward to coming home from school to a special handmade valentine from our mother.

Some years it was a simple card or big homemade cookie...other years, something a little more elaborate.  I still remember (and I'm almost sure I still have in a box somewhere) my favorite gift from her:  Laying on my bed, a mini wood plaque with a small little drawing of a girl wood-burned and then colored.  It has always been such a sweet, special memory for me.  I have just always felt that Valentines Day was a day not just to celebrate romantic love, but just LOVE...beautiful, wonderful Love!

So last year I had some extra time and created a couple of printable Valentine postcards and posters.  They are all available in the shop on sale!

 And I can't believe I'm already behind in showing you the Outfits of the Month!  This year is "The Year of Gowns"!  I realized that I haven't given you enough gowns so I'm making it for it by giving you a whole years' worth!  Last months was a New Years' Party gown and this month...can you guess?  Yes, the Queen of Hearts' gown!  

Laurel and Maisy have loved these two gowns...they seem to always pick the gowns first.  If you haven't signed up yet for the Outfit of the Month club, good is on sale now (more than half off!) in the shop.