2014 Oufit of the Month Decade of Fashion

Welcome to January 2014!

What an exciting year of outfits I have planned for you!  This year we will celebrate:
A Century of Fashion
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It was so fun to create outfits for each decade of the 20th Century (and into the 21st), I admit I got a little carried away and ended up doing TWO outfits for each month.  So, for those of you who are members of the club, the first outfit has arrived in your inbox.  The second I will offer each month for only $1.50.

I hope you enjoy playing with these as much as I enjoyed creating them!  Happy 2014!

1900-1910 Time Line:

1900: Kodak introduces the first handheld camera.

1901: First Nobel Prize awarded.

1902: The “Teddy” Bear is introduced.

1903: The Wright Brothers make their first flight.

1904:  New York City subway opens.

1905: Einstein proposes his theory of relativity.

1906: Kellogg's starts selling Corn Flakes.

1907: First electric washing machine is introduced.

1908: Ford introduces the Model-T .

1909: Plastic is invented