My Favorite Way To Drink Enough Water...

For the last three weeks, I have been easily getting at least 8 cups of water a day...which for me is crazy amazing.  Here's what I am doing:

First let me say, I love Mason jars.  To me they are the symbol of everything I appreciate in life.  They are pretty, practical and when I hold one, I feel like I'm holding a piece of domestic history in my hand.  

The Mason Pint Jar holds 2.5 cups of liquid (20 oz.).  I've figured that if I get at least 3 of these a day I am doing great!  I found the lids on a VeryJane deal a while ago (you can probably easily find them online somewhere).

Here's my concoction:

  • 1/4 - 1/8 cup grapefruit juice (I just juice a big batch at the beginning of the much added stuff)  
  • One packet of stevia powder (about a tsp.) and then fill 'er up with cold water!  

So fresh. So yummy! So easy to suck down!

We all know the benefits of water and I have always loved grapefruit juice so I did a little search on the benefits of grapefruit juice and I found some great ones!  Here's just a few I've noticed:

  1. Major energy booster.  I am always shocked at how good I feel after just a few sips in the morning and then when I really need it in the late afternoon.  So much more energy for me.
  2. My system just feels cleaner.
  3. I am not as hungry and don't have as many cravings during the day.
For more benefits, information and a few warnings, you can read this, this, this and this.

Let me know if you try it and like it!

P.S.  I tried something new this week and really love it.  I put two apples, grapefruit juice (with all of the pulp...might as well get all that fiber right?) into my Blendtec...used the whole juice setting and  it made a perfect juice base for my water this week!  Oh and every once in a while I'll add a tablespoon of chia seeds...yummy if you like the texture!

P.P.S. My friend Shea says that cucumber is a great thing to add too!  I'm gonna try it one of these days!

The Bench

Observe...the bench. :)  We originally bought it for our kitchen table but it ended up in the entryway and only goes to the table when we have company for dinner (can fit up to six little kidlets on this thing!).  Seriously one of the most used pieces of furniture in our house.  It serves as a "time out" bench, a coloring table, a place to put coats/jackets (toys, books, crayons, apple cores, socks) and oh so much more...and I think the simplicity of the design is perfect for this space.

 Such a perfect explanation of these girls' personalities.  Norah with her kitty to the side, Laurel sitting very "lady-like" with her well groomed doll and Maisy trying to figure out the camera.

 "Say CHEESE!" Wonder where they learned that. :)

Let's get an action shot!  Norah is cracking me up here...

"Forget the camera, let's dance!"

The twins both went on their merry ways...

Laurel reading to "the boy" and Maisy just being silly in another spot, not Norah.  She's focused!

Minutes later (hours in toddler time)...guess who's still working hard on the bench....

I'm curious, what is your most loved/used piece of furniture?

Just Checking In...

Hey, Maise, can you smile for the camera?


Hope all is well with all of you!  We are chuggin' along over here.  Just heard from the Printer and Camille is going to approve the final draft of the Paper Doll Coloring Book (crossing fingers that all of the "issues" have been solved)...then after production will be shipping to all of you!  If you haven't already ordered one or you'd like more, you can find the book both in paper and PDF  form in the shop (note: wait time for the book is about two weeks).  Hope you have a great rest of the week and Memorial Day weekend. XXOO Hannah

Madison Living Magazine

Can you spot the paper doll there on the cover? :)

It's been almost four months ago that Betsy Pruitt  from Belly Feathers Parties in Alabama contacted me and asked if she could highlight the dolls in photo shoot she was doing for Madison Living Magazine.  Of course the answer was YES!  What a beautiful little magazine it is!  The closest south I've ever been is Missouri (I don't think that even counts!) I'd love to visit all of the southern states someday...

 These kids are adorable and the outfits are killing me! Don't you just want to jump through the screen and squeeze that little model on the right?! So sweet.
Doesn't this make you want to just stop what you are doing right now and join me for a paper doll party?!

 Anyway, it was just a fun thing I wanted to share.  Thanks again Betsy for thinking of us and to Sarah at Click Photo Designs for the fabulous photos!

Just because I'm in the mood for a paper doll party. Let's have a Paper Doll Party Package sale shall we?

25% off all Paper Doll Party PDF Packages through Friday! Just type in PARTY2012 to get your discount! Enjoy.

To Those Who Made Me a Mother...

photo by Laurel (she did a good job!)

You are the trip I did not take
You are the pearls I could not buy,
You are my blue Italian lake,
You are my piece of foreign sky.

You are my Honolulu moon, 
You are the book I did not write,
You are my heart's unuttered tune, 
You are my candle in the night.

You are the flower beneath the snow,
in my dark sky a bit of blue,
Answering disappointment's blow with..
"I'm happy! I have you!"
- Anne Campbell