Spring Nightgown Time Again...

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A Deadly Combination...

Deadly to the play-doh (and the wheat), not to the child...he's too cute.  The fact that he has Cinderella's prince and step-sisters at his feet gives me a clue to how he might have opened the wheat bin in the first place...hmmmmm.  Do you ever wonder where they get their super-human speed?!

In other news, the Paper Doll Coloring Book PDF should be arriving in your inbox (if you pledged) by the end of this week.  Printing is going to happen in Utah instead of Boise (long story) so will probably be shipped out the first part of May.  Thanks again and more details to come!

The Easter Report

What a fun time we had this year.  It started Saturday morning when we got a call from Jeff's parents asking if we would be up for some surprise company...four hours later they were here!  That is the second weekend in a row of surprise guests we've had this month...and I must say we have LOVED it!  It's always nice to see familiar faces and to be with family.  Anyway, I thought I'd share some highlights.

Norah was hilarious.  We'd keep saying "gently, gently" and then she'd proceed to throw her egg into the dye bath...you could hear a "thud" then a "crack"...needless to say, we knew which eggs were Norah's when we peeled them the next day!  She cracks me up...(pun totally intended).
 Ollie just watched this year...I have a feeling he can't wait to get his hands into some of that egg dye!

 Our neighbors just got a bunny...the girls were in Heaven. :)

Grandma got them the game "Pretty Pretty Princess" for their birthdays so they were all excited to play. I love Maisy's face here...

 So PRETTY! :)


Quick reminder:  Today is the LAST day to pledge your support and pre-order your coloring book!   

Having three girls means....

Having exactly 60 little fingers and toes to paint:

 (and if Laurel had her way, it would be 80..I don't think any of us have a clue what Ollie is in for in the coming years).

Spring Grass...

I wanted to share this with you even though it is too late for you to do it this Easter...I'm calling it "Spring Grass" because I think it is the perfect indoor decoration for the season (before or after Easter).  SO easy and so pretty...and, it is perfect for the kidlets!

I'm sure you've seen tutorials all over the place on how to do this so I'll just do a quickie.  I was inspired by Design Mom and Homebased Mom both.  So here's what we did:

 Day one (exactly one week ago): I found a nice basket and lined it with plastic.  We went outside and found some stones for the bottom then put in some potting soil.  The girls then got to "plant seeds" (hard red wheat, we had it on hand but you can find it at any health food store).  We left the seeds on top.
The girls each took a turn watering it in on the first day...we put in about two cups of water that day and then I've just added about a cup every other day...

 This is what we saw on day three!  I felt like we could literally sit there and watch it grow...it grew so fast.  

This is day five:

Every morning, the first thing the girls do is see how much the grass has grown.  

Today I added some paper mache flowers I got half off at Hobby Lobby.  The girls were so excited to see this when they woke up this morning:
  Anyway, this is one of those EASY, fun projects that look a lot harder than they are and produce beautiful results.  Do any of you already do this?

In advance, Happy Easter!  Hope it is filled with family, faith and chocolate! :)

Success...so sweet!

About three times a day, Jeff will find me and say "So, what are you up to?"
And I'll say (a little confused) something like:  "Well, I just changed Ollie's diaper and gave Norah a banana (wondering in my distracted mind why Jeff  keeps checking up on me)."
And then he'll say, "No, on Kickstarter."
"Oh!" smile.
Then I'll check on my phone and be amazed that people are STILL pledging and the amount is STILL growing.  Seriously so fun and exciting!

The girls have watched "Mom's Paper Doll Movie" a ga-gillion times.  I'm pretty annoying after about three views. :)

What I have (re)learned from this whole endeavor so far:

  1. It is scary to put yourself out there and ask for help.  I couldn't believe how nervous I was to push the button that made the video and Kickstarter page "live".  My hands were literally shaking.  When I posted on Facebook asking friends and family to watch and share and even pledge, I actually felt sick to my stomach.  But I'm so glad I did it because I also (re)learned that...
  2. People (YOU) are supportive and kind and excited to see other people succeed.  I've received so many personal, kind messages from so many of you.  Sincere messages from the heart. WOW that means so much and reminds me that this world is full of your kind. The kind that lift and cheer.
  3. It really is a world wide web!  I'm always amazed at how something I'm working on in little Idaho, USA can reach someone in Germany or Australia or Israel.  Seriously, how cool is that?!   Next, is really numero uno for me...
  4. I have amazing support right here at home.  I rarely talk about Jeff...I think because he doesn't like public attention in any way (so he says) but MAN ALIVE I hit the jackpot when I got him.  He is so selfless and good.  He's the one who taught me how to do all of this "digital drawing" in the first place and then encouraged me to keep going.  So many times I have wanted to quit because of fear or lack of confidence in myself.  He listens patiently and always encourages me to keep going.  I have slowed my pace when I need to and he has supported that.  When I need extra time in the studio, he helps it happen.  Anyway, I am one lucky girl.  Because of him and you, I have re-learned that...
  5. Dreams really can come true...with a lot of work.  I still have a lot of work ahead of me, but seeing that there is support and that people actually are excited about this, makes me feel like I can't turn back now and that I'd better make this dream happen not just for me, but for all of you...so THANK YOU!
These people are my favorites.

Note: We still have a week left so if you want to share the page please do.  If you want a book and haven't pledged yet, there is still time! :)