Spring Grass...

I wanted to share this with you even though it is too late for you to do it this Easter...I'm calling it "Spring Grass" because I think it is the perfect indoor decoration for the season (before or after Easter).  SO easy and so pretty...and, it is perfect for the kidlets!

I'm sure you've seen tutorials all over the place on how to do this so I'll just do a quickie.  I was inspired by Design Mom and Homebased Mom both.  So here's what we did:

 Day one (exactly one week ago): I found a nice basket and lined it with plastic.  We went outside and found some stones for the bottom then put in some potting soil.  The girls then got to "plant seeds" (hard red wheat, we had it on hand but you can find it at any health food store).  We left the seeds on top.
The girls each took a turn watering it in on the first day...we put in about two cups of water that day and then I've just added about a cup every other day...

 This is what we saw on day three!  I felt like we could literally sit there and watch it grow...it grew so fast.  

This is day five:

Every morning, the first thing the girls do is see how much the grass has grown.  

Today I added some paper mache flowers I got half off at Hobby Lobby.  The girls were so excited to see this when they woke up this morning:
  Anyway, this is one of those EASY, fun projects that look a lot harder than they are and produce beautiful results.  Do any of you already do this?

In advance, Happy Easter!  Hope it is filled with family, faith and chocolate! :)

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  1. My mom always did this with us and I've done it every year with my kids! I love that you used flowers. We put eggs in our little baskets of grass and use them as centerpieces for our Easter Eve and Easter dinners. Yours looks prettier than ours. You were wise in choosing your basket.


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