Having three girls means....

Having exactly 60 little fingers and toes to paint:

 (and if Laurel had her way, it would be 80..I don't think any of us have a clue what Ollie is in for in the coming years).


  1. ah love this!!! I only have one daughter and I can't imagine how fun it is to do with three daughters.

  2. I just painted Megan's toes this week for the first time.

    i giggled.

    now i'm giggling to the fourth power.

    And I totally want to see if I can get it right:
    Hands (starting at the top, counter clockwise)- Maisy, Norah, Laurel.
    Toes (left to right)- Maisy, Laurel, Norah

  3. Cute pictures! Those are the cutest little fingers and toes I've seen in a long time!
    Ollie will love to have his finger nails painted, LOL! Or maybe not....


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