It has LAUNCHED....I need help.

Can I be honest?  I am feeling so utterly vulnerable right now.  I just pushed the "launch" button on Kickstarter.  Which means I am officially, publicly asking people to support and fund this Coloring Book project.  

The way Kickstarter works is that you set the "goal funding amount" and hope that people will support (in my case pre-order the book) your project.   

  If I reach my goal, great, I get the money to publish and distribute this book.  If I miss my goal even by one dollar...I don't get a penny (and all of those people who pre-ordered the book don't get a book)...bummer.

So, I'm asking you.  Will you please help me spread the word? If you are interested in buying the book, will you pre-order it on Kickstarter? Even if you can't buy it right now, will you please take a minute and share this on Facebook or Twitter or write about it on your blog or just tell your next-door neighbor?  It is a dream you can help to come true (plus I really think you'll love the book)!

Thanks in advance!  I can't wait for you to get your hands on has definitely been a labor or love.

 Go HERE to pre-order and to share! (Note, look to the right-side of the page...there you will find all of your options)  THANKS!

Making a Movie...

Do you remember my brother Micah and his wonderful wife Camille?  What would I do without these two?  I can tell you one thing, Lily&Thistle would not be in existence today without them.  They are both so inspiring to me and have been some of my greatest cheerleaders.

Camille has done so much behind the scenes work with me to get the doll packages perfected, supplies ordered, shipping done...I could go on!

I decided a while ago to introduce the Paper Doll Coloring book through an awesome site called Kickstarter. Have you heard of it?  What an awesome concept!  Basically it's a place for people with great ideas to pitch their great ideas to thousands of potential "supporters".  
It's best to have a video to introduce what you are making, etc.  Micah does music for movies/t.v. shows/commercials, etc. and has all kinds of skills when it comes to producing something of course I pulled my "favorite sister with brown hair"card and asked him to help!

 They came sans children and we all worked (a little).... 
...and played (a lot).  
This is a really funny picture first, because Micah has the longest arms known to man (well maybe not, but close).  Second, it symbolizes what he and Camille did to get me to smile and try not to be so serious.  Every time we would start over (and over and over), I had to clap my hands in front of my face (for technical stuff) then remember Tina Faye and "wave like a normal person".  

They are working on getting the video together and it should be ready SOON!  

Without Bread, All is Misery

That's a quote I found by William Cobbett.  Sure enough, a the smell of bread in the oven does tend to make the winter blues dissipate a bit!   We have been doing a lot of bread making over here.  Some failures and some success.  I thought I'd share a few loaves I made from the main recipe in the book "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day."  Just because I thought they were pretty. Yummy stuff if you are willing to do a little bit of work.

Here's another recipe I love when I don't have a lot of time or energy.  Really is a magic recipe.

Hope you are having a delicious day!