"There is a Beauty Every Girl Has - A Gift from God, as Pure as the Sunlight"

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I found some quotes from David O. Mckay a former President of the church to which I belong. They were originally printed in 1906 in a publication called The Young Woman’s Journal. I really appreciated the candor and courage of his words. I think it is still very relevant today (even with the 1906 language).

He starts off with a conversation:

I love this...

I found this on Calico's blog (which I love).
  She said:
"Just to remind me to be beautiful in secret.
When people aren't looking.
To stop staring at the outside of myself in the mirror.
Now, while spending time with
my Cover Girl collection,
I will hopefully think of what I can do
To be beautiful
where no one sees."

Good Stuff.  The End.

Meet Mabel. Free Printable Paper Doll

First of all, welcome to all who are here for the first time.  I hope you'll stay and look around.
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 May I introduce you to Mabel?  She is a sensitive soul. She loves to go for walks in the woods, read good books and swim in the pond by her home in Sandy Hook, CT.  She adores her new Easter dress and can't wait to show you how cute it is on.   She has a few very close friends but makes sure everyone around her feels included and important.  I think you'll really like her.

A free download of Mabel is available here.
Every once in a while I will be posting more outfits for Mabel so please feel free to check back often!

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Tutorial: How to Laminate and Add Velcro or Magnets to Your Doll


At my house paper dolls do not last long if they are not protected.  I look forward to the day when the girls will sit still and imagine away an afternoon playing with their dolls.

Laurel and Maisy by Grandma Dahl's Stream
Starr Valley, NV

"There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again."  - Elizabeth Lawrence

Welcome to Lily and Thistle!

My name is Hannah Stevenson.  I am a "Mother" to four charming children: Laurel, Maisy, Norah and Ollie and "Wife" to a great guy named Jeff. I am also an artist.

Lily&Thistle is the name of my art studio (just moved up from the Kitchen Table!).  The name is really meaningful to me as I (along with Jeff) am doing my best to raise our children to be pure and authentically beautiful like a lily, strong and courageous like a thistle.

Whether you are a Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, or Friend to a special little child, I hope you will enjoy your stay here and find inspiration and comfort as you do some of your most important work.  The work and joy of raising children!

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