Welcome to Lily and Thistle!

My name is Hannah Stevenson.  I am a "Mother" to four charming children: Laurel, Maisy, Norah and Ollie and "Wife" to a great guy named Jeff. I am also an artist.

Lily&Thistle is the name of my art studio (just moved up from the Kitchen Table!).  The name is really meaningful to me as I (along with Jeff) am doing my best to raise our children to be pure and authentically beautiful like a lily, strong and courageous like a thistle.

Whether you are a Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, or Friend to a special little child, I hope you will enjoy your stay here and find inspiration and comfort as you do some of your most important work.  The work and joy of raising children!

To learn more about me and the dolls, you can check out my blog here or view a short video here.


  1. You are so amazing. "Hannah my Hero" for a reason...

  2. Good luck on your new adventure! I love your new blog name & the meaning behind it!

  3. Hannah, what a great idea this is! I love it.

  4. came across this and thought it was a great idea!! i have 2 girls and one more on the way. I look forward to hearing what you have to write about girlies!!

  5. Hannah, you are so inspiring. I need to keep closer tabs on you! Way to go...again. :) -Brianne Hall


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