The Dollhouse and a Tour of The Girl's Room aka Playroom

I have been waiting to post about the girls' doll house but have been waiting until I'm "finished" with it.  Well, I have decided that it is finished (for now at least!) because it has made it to the bottom of the list of to-do's. Maybe I'll really finish it when the girls are in high school or something! :)

A dear friend gave us the house because it had been a "to-do someday" project for her for 15+ years and she thought I could do something with it.  I wish I had "before" pictures (I probably do, but I'm too lazy right now to find them).  My sister-in-law and love, Brittany (remember her?) helped me get the inside walls painted late into the night before the twins' birthday and Jeff and his Dad did all of the roof work (not an easy job...thanks guys!)

Watching these two play was so fun...I am trying to imagine Ollie's must seem massive to him.

Here's some roof detail...

Would you like a quick tour of the playroom/girls room?  I think Ollie would be happy to oblige...

Love it when the room is clean and everything is neatly organized in our IKEA storage unit (sadly that is RARE...hence the pictures this day).

Moving on, Big window at the end of the can kind of see the play kitchen to the left...there's a little table there too...

The girls' poor beds...I still have not committed to a color sceme for this room or to blankets for their "big" beds.  The room is large enough that all three beds fit on the right side of the wall.  Someday, I want to have small walls built in-between each bed with bookshelves, lamps, etc. so they have a little bit of privacy...this works for now though...and we may decide they won't all be together here forever.

 found here

The closet.  This is a "bonus room" so the closet isn't as big as some of the bed rooms...but it works and is bigger than where we came from.  

And that completes our random tour of the playroom/girls bedroom.  Anyone have any decorating ideas for this space?  Oh wait, I've already pinned like 500! :)

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Ruler Growth Chart

OK, this thing is about a year in the making...pretty ridiculous because it was so simple...

Just a piece of lumber from Lowes, a washing of linseed oil then a dark wash of brown acrylic paint and some awesome vinyl stickers and I was done.  Another two weeks sitting there and I can finally say : "It is on the wall and measurements have been taken"!

I love that we can move it anywhere...not that we are ever moving again..but it's nice to know just in case! :)

Wanna make one?  This lady sells the vinyl kit in her shop complete with instructions!  Check it out.