Fall Fashion Giveaway!

The weather is FINALLY cold enough here in Utah Valley to break out the sweaters.  Even if only for a day or two...  Fall is probably my favorite season when it comes to fashion.  There are so many ways to be "fashionably" warm... and who can resist the cozy feeling that warm boots, sweaters, and scarves bring?

To make sure your paper doll is equipped for fall weather, today we are having a 


For today's giveaway, you could win a free Print-it-Yourself FALL FASHION LINE (see here-oh, and did I mention that it is on sale in case you don't win?).  To participate in the competition, leave a comment with your favorite item of fall clothing (for you or for your paper doll!).  The fall fashion winner will be announced this Thursday!  

Alright.  Now, ready, set, comment!

This Months Outfit and a Winner

The eyes on this mask are buggers but totally worth the work! :)

Dedicated to our kitty loving Norah Jane this month! :)  

We did a little better with entries this time.   I loved hearing about all of your costumes, so many fun ideas!  We are doing "Classic Halloween" this year.  Jeff is planning on doing Frankenstein, I will either be a Mummy (get it? Mummy?) or the Bride of Frankenstein.   Laurel wants to be a witch, Maisy, a ghost, Norah, a black cat (of course) and Ollie either a little vampire or a pumpkin.  I need to get going!
To see what we did last year, you can look HERE (was that really a year ago!):

And the winner is:

The Garret Family

Please email Brittany at lilyandthistle2@gmail.com to get your free custom paper doll package!
Remember, the Groopdealz deal is still on for about 14 more hours.  It is such a great way to get five dolls for the price of two.

Have a great weekend!

HUGE Deal Going on This Week

If you have been meaning to do a paper doll party for your favorite girl or boy and just haven't been able to justify the cost.  This is the week to do it!  We have partnered with Groopdealz to give you an amazing deal on the Print-it-Yourself Paper Doll Party package.  Instead of the regular $65 we are only charging $35.99. So head on over! P.S. If you have a lot of little girls and boys on your Christmas list, this is like getting five paper doll packages.  You don't necessarily have to do a party, you could just divide it up and give five individual gifts. :) Enjoy!!!

Going on for the next four days!

The Way I See It, You are ALL Winners

 Man, not a very good response this time.  Only four. Oh well, just gives you four devoted readers a better chance. :)  So after scrolling down to see this cute little boy of mine wearing my lost sunglasses (man alive I miss those sunglasses), you will see....

And the Winner is:  ALL FOUR OF YOU!  Please send an email to lilyandthistle@gmail.com to get your prize!

Outfit of the Month Giveaway!

The First OOM Halloween outfit circa 2010

The month has just begun, which means something VERY exciting... Hannah has added another outfit to the Outfit of the Month line (it is a Halloween gown and members should be getting it sometime today)!  What's almost more exciting than that is that you NOW have a chance to win in our... 

Outfit of the Month 

 Now, here's how to WIN:
  Leave a comment with one of your favorite fall traditions (corn maze, anyone?) and stay posted on Thursday when Hannah announces a winner! 

By winning, you will receive a FREE year subscription to the Outfit of the Month!  That's 12 free outfits, folks.  (Yeah... this is a big deal!)  Oh, and don't worry, if you already have a subscription, you can give yours to a friend  to share in the fun! 

 I personally LOVE corn mazes and am so excited to hear what traditions you love.   

Let the commenting begin!