Outfit of the Month Giveaway!

The First OOM Halloween outfit circa 2010

The month has just begun, which means something VERY exciting... Hannah has added another outfit to the Outfit of the Month line (it is a Halloween gown and members should be getting it sometime today)!  What's almost more exciting than that is that you NOW have a chance to win in our... 

Outfit of the Month 

 Now, here's how to WIN:
  Leave a comment with one of your favorite fall traditions (corn maze, anyone?) and stay posted on Thursday when Hannah announces a winner! 

By winning, you will receive a FREE year subscription to the Outfit of the Month!  That's 12 free outfits, folks.  (Yeah... this is a big deal!)  Oh, and don't worry, if you already have a subscription, you can give yours to a friend  to share in the fun! 

 I personally LOVE corn mazes and am so excited to hear what traditions you love.   

Let the commenting begin!


  1. I love pumpkin patches! We have a ton here in nor cal and I try to visit as many as possible with my kids!

  2. It sounds weird but I love turning on the heat for the first time, it makes me feel safe and warm.

  3. My favorite fall tradition is decorating my home for fall/Halloween. I also love carving pumpkins, NOT cleaning them out, just carving them.

  4. I love taking the kids to the pumpkin patch!


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