Tutorial: How to Laminate and Add Velcro or Magnets to Your Doll


At my house paper dolls do not last long if they are not protected.  I look forward to the day when the girls will sit still and imagine away an afternoon playing with their dolls.
  But at ages 2 (the twins) and 1 the most they do is rip the heads and arms off and suck on them. They do love playing with them, they just don't know their own strength! Cue laminating tools, Velcro and magnets.

Let's get started shall we?!

Materials Needed:
1. MiniMe Paper doll and outfits already cut out
2. Roll of Laminating Paper (I found mine at Walmart for about $3)
3. Velcro sticky back tabs OR 1/2" wide sticky back Magnet rolls (found at Walmart or any craft shop)

Step #1:
Make sure your doll and all of her outfits are cut out.  Remember to cut off all of the tabs on the outfits as well. You won't be needing them!

Step 2:
This is what you will look for at your local Walmart.  Make sure it is not contact paper.  It will probably be right next to the contact paper so be sure you get the right stuff!

Step #3:
Lay out all of your dolls/accessories on the BACK SIDE of the paper (this is so you can measure how much you will need).

Step #4:
Mark where you will be folding your laminating paper over your dolls.

Step #5:
Fold your laminating paper over just to make sure you will have plenty of coverage.

Step #6:

Now peel off your white protective paper and place clear laminate sticky side up.  Next place your doll/outfits on top of the sticky side up.  Now you will cover your dolls with the excess clear laminate pushing out so there are no air bubbles.

Step #7:

Now on each outfit/doll use your hands/fingernails (or a Popsicle stick or a bone folder) to push down and make sure you have a good clear surface.

Step #8:

Now cut around your doll/outfits leaving about 1/4 inch space.  They should look something like these:

Adding Velcro or Magnets:
I found these tabs at a local craft shop.  I'm sure you can find them at most grocery stores as well.  They already have adhesive on the back so all you need to do is peel them off and put them on your doll and her clothes!  Like this:

Magnets are just as easy!  I just bought a roll with adhesive.  Cut them and put them on the BACK of the doll and her outfits.  Like this:

It is important to note that by themselves, the magnets don't stick well to each other.  You need to play with them either on the refridgerator or a cookie sheet works really great and is portable!



  1. Hannah,
    thanks so much for this wonderful tutorial, I just printed it out. Paperdolls remind me so much of my childhood.

  2. Thanks for sharing, going to the shop now to find some magnets and some laminating paper.

  3. Nice tutorial! :) Such a nice, simple idea. I'm super excited to do these with my paper dolls; I actually found a link to some Glee ones, and I'm going to make a set for me and my friend. Being a sixteen year old girl, I'm pretty darn pumped to do this. Thank you for sharing a great tutorial. :)


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