Meet Mabel. Free Printable Paper Doll

First of all, welcome to all who are here for the first time.  I hope you'll stay and look around.
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 May I introduce you to Mabel?  She is a sensitive soul. She loves to go for walks in the woods, read good books and swim in the pond by her home in Sandy Hook, CT.  She adores her new Easter dress and can't wait to show you how cute it is on.   She has a few very close friends but makes sure everyone around her feels included and important.  I think you'll really like her.

A free download of Mabel is available here.
Every once in a while I will be posting more outfits for Mabel so please feel free to check back often!

 Get your own personalized MiniMe Custom Paper Doll here.


  1. Love it! Your paper dolls are beautiful. Can't wait to get some for my girls!
    And Lily & Thistle is a perfect supplement to raising my girls. Thank you!

  2. these are so FABULOUS!!! you're amazing. can't wait to show them to maya. and i'd love to blog about them, too, if you don't mind!

  3. These are ADORABLE! I'm excited to follow you on your new blog journey!

  4. Thank you for a MODEST paper doll real girl! Love that you have glasses option. I am saving up for a personalized one--great work!


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