February Outfit of the Month and More Goodies in the Shop...

February is seriously one of my favorite months.  I have always loved Valentines season.  When I was growing up, each year my five siblings and I could look forward to coming home from school to a special handmade valentine from our mother.

Some years it was a simple card or big homemade cookie...other years, something a little more elaborate.  I still remember (and I'm almost sure I still have in a box somewhere) my favorite gift from her:  Laying on my bed, a mini wood plaque with a small little drawing of a girl wood-burned and then colored.  It has always been such a sweet, special memory for me.  I have just always felt that Valentines Day was a day not just to celebrate romantic love, but just LOVE...beautiful, wonderful Love!

So last year I had some extra time and created a couple of printable Valentine postcards and posters.  They are all available in the shop on sale!

 And I can't believe I'm already behind in showing you the Outfits of the Month!  This year is "The Year of Gowns"!  I realized that I haven't given you enough gowns so I'm making it for it by giving you a whole years' worth!  Last months was a New Years' Party gown and this month...can you guess?  Yes, the Queen of Hearts' gown!  

Laurel and Maisy have loved these two gowns...they seem to always pick the gowns first.  If you haven't signed up yet for the Outfit of the Month club, good news...it is on sale now (more than half off!) in the shop.

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