Oh the beauty and wonder of childhood!  I love that each of these reminds me of my kidlets in one way or another.  

Which is your favorite?  Why?


  1. My favorite is the one where the kid is looking out the window. I just love the look on the child's face like he's waiting for/watching as Daddy/older sibling gets home or as they leave for work/school. I have fond memories of sitting in the window seat watching my older brother walk to the school bus stop. Wishing for the day when I could go too.

  2. I love the second one down with the girl in the white dress. It's dreamy & it reminds me of my girls who both have red hair. I also love the top one not just for the subject matter but also for the simplicity of it & the artist's style.

  3. They're all great. The first one with the child in the sink is beautiful. I would frame that. But, I love the one with the older girl sitting with two little ones tucked in bed. (reminds me of my guys) And any Sargent painting wins me over.


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