My Little Artists...

If we'd let her, Maisy would literally spend all day sitting in the studio drawing, coloring...creating. 

 She came this way.  Even at 18 months, we took pictures of her coloring with such intense focus...

 She is loving the paper dolls to color idea.  I am loving watercolor pencils.  The girls can color then paint with no mess! 

 Because frankly there is a lot of "mess" going on in here!  It usually doesn't take Norah and Laurel long to find out "The Studio" is where all of the action is.

This is what my "Sanctuary" looked like today...doesn't take them long does it?!

 But Maisy usually loves the company.... and so do I

 Laurel's not so bad either...she loves creating too.

 My favorite part about today? When the twins shared a seat and a sheet of paper doll outlines and helped each other decide what colors they would use for their special outfits.  Seriously the cutest thing ever!


  1. I find that my children end up playing around wherever I am. I love it. It's wonderful that Maisy is so patient. I need to pull out my watercolor pencils for my kids. They'd love to paint, I love the no mess. :)

  2. I love it when siblings work together. Best sound in the world! Abby and Elsa would love those watercolor pencils.

  3. Great pictures, Hannah. Such creative girls! That's wonderful that you encourage it. You're not too bad yourself, missy. Love ya!

  4. Your girls are so darlIng! I'm glad I'm not the only one with a messy craft room except yours looks like you had tiny little creative helpers and mine looks like a tornado blew through one of the houses on Hoarders. Love you!!


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