Nesting and Big Changes for Our Family

Hello to all of you from Nesting Land.  At least that's where I hope I am (only 18 days to go...but who's counting)!  So many things going on over here...we've decided to move into my parents' basement a state away while we try and sell our house...two weeks after baby Ollie is born (don't worry we already know we're crazy)!

It has just been a little bit nerve racking trying to keep this too small for us space "show worthy" with our three little mess makers doing what they do best, not to mention packing everyone up and leaving every time someone wants to see the house (or decides not to show up).  Imagining doing it with a newborn was literally keeping me up at night.  My parent's "basement" is actually a nice walk out space with plenty of windows and fact the ceilings are a couple of feet taller than ours! :)  We will have our own entrance and it is equipped with a kitchenette and laundry room.  It will be sad to say good-bye to this house and all of the wonderful people and memories here but, I am excited to have my mom (and grandma) just up the stairs and to be going back to where both Jeff and I grew up.

So, I am busy packing boxes, changing addresses, doing what you do before you move.  I really don't have time for all of the sewing I want to do...but I'm finding bits of time to sneak a few projects in.  Wanna see?

I'm loving the appliquéd onesie idea.  I've seen it all over the place in blogland but just kind of figured it out as I went.  Just basically found shapes I liked using Google images, put iron-on stuff on pieces of material and cut it out and then ironed it on to the onesies and sewed around it...easy and totally addicting.... you can see I may have gotten a little carried away!  Some of these are for baby Bradley too :)

I was so excited when I found this owl material by Alexander Henry!  I just love the subtle colors and all of the little owl characters.  I'm planning to make Ollie a little quilt with it but cut out a few of my favorite owls for onesies too.

 And both Ollie and Bradley should be fine in the Pod department.  I decided to use the new rounded bottom pattern that I added last year...just a bit more room for their little toes.  

 all bundled up and ready!

Just finished a stack of Better Burpies using this fabric:

Does it look familiar?  It's actually part of a king sized flannel sheet set I bought at Kohls two years ago for 5 dollars...yards and yards of fabric!  I love it for boys burpies and I've even made a quilt using it.  There is still plenty left for receiving blankets or whatever.  I love when I find a deal like that!

So anyway, that's what we're up to.  Wish us luck over here...It's gonna be a doozy of a month!  


  1. i'm using that same wonderful owl fabric for a quilt for our friends' new little boy and hoping to get some things done with it for ours too! i LOVE it!! everything looks awesome- good luck with that move:O) it actually sounds like a lovely space to be in and family makes ALL the difference!

  2. My heart goes out to you! How I wish I could sneak over and take the girls to the park for an afternoon or clean your bathroom. Hang in there.

  3. Those are the sweetest, Hannah! I can't wait to hear about his arrival into the world! Happy moving!

  4. I love the onesies....totally cute! If you still want some with cute sayings, you know who to call.

  5. I love your Pod Pattern! I bought it, but haven't made one yet. I read about the sheet s you recommended for the inside fabric, but do you have any other recommendations?

  6. Goodness! That will be crazy but you can do it. We moved back home 3 weeks after we got our twins out of the NICU. It was wild but so nice to be back with family. You can do it!

  7. LOVE the onesies...adorable! and good luck with all the exciting changes. if you stay in reno, we may never meet...:(

  8. I am so excited for you! I know you are going to be so much more comfortable after you move... if I was in your situation I would:) Also you will have some extra grandma help which is the BEST help ever! I love the onesies... very cute. I have some of that owl fabric and I love it!!!!

  9. Oh goodness, I will be keeping you in my prayers! How wonderful to be downstairs from family with a newborn, though:). I think I would be having reservations about showing a house with a new baby, too:). I LOVE the onesies and the pods. You have the best style and I may just have to copy sister is due in October:). Good luck with the move!


  10. Oh my! You HAVE been busy. :) Those owls are just adorable on the onesies.

    Wishing you all the best with your delivery and your moving plans.


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