Pinterest and March OOM

I'm probably pretty late in the game on this one, but have you discovered the joy of Pinterest?
It's basically a place online to put all of the ideas, images, things you don't want to forget.  I am always bookmarking, saving files etc. of things that inspire me but now I can keep it all neatly online and in categories that make sense to me and are easy to reference!
And it's so easy, I see something I love and I click on a little button called "pin it" and it goes right to my board in whatever category I choose.  Pinterest also keeps track of the original location so I can give credit where credit is due.
I must make a disclaimer though, it is very addicting.  You can "repin" others' "pins", follow other peoples' boards, find friends who share your style etc.  Totally fun and totally inspiring.
It is in beta right now so you have to ask to be invited.  It took about a week for them to process my request and once it came the rest was a piece of cake.
Do you have a Pinterest board? Wanna follow mine?  You can see mine here and if you have one, I want to see!
Oh, and I just realized I never posted March's Outfit of the Month.  Kind of a fun one using the skirt from the Spring line just in variegated greens. :)  If you haven't signed up for the Outfit of the Month club, you can do it now.  Just go here.

Hope this finds you all having a lucky day!


  1. Hi there! Have you already emailed the OOM to subscribers? I haven't received mine and I did double check my junk mail folder just to be sure. I was the one who didn't receive January, but then did receive February...I'm not sure what is going on with my email account:( It must be going as crazy as I am recently:) Thanks!
    beckymac1 at hotmail dot com

  2. Pinterest looks amazing! I totally put my name on the list to get in! Thanks for sharing, I'm super excited to use it!

  3. Becky, yes they were sent out March 1st, I'll check my records and try and send it again.

  4. Pinterest looks like so much fun and dangerously addicting. I'm going to check it out now. Thanks girl! BTW I love the outfit of the month. Love it and so do my girls!

  5. I am a pininterest dabbler but I would follow you anywhere, Hannah! In a TOTALLY non-stalkery way, of course...! x

  6. Your disclaimer is so true - Pinterest is totally addictive! Such a great idea. Just started following you :)


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