Back in the Saddle Again...

My sewing machine and I have become reacquainted again after a long break.  While stitching away I couldn't get the lyrics, "reunited and it feels so good." out of my does feel good.

I've mostly been making stuff for baby Bradley and I did make a Pod for baby Ollie (that's what we've decided to name this little babe) coming next month

 I've got some fun ideas for a quilt and some shirts up my sleeve and am so excited for Dana and Rae's boy month (if you haven't heard about it, check it out here and many awesome ideas just for boys)!

Ahhh, one of my favorite parts of sewing is when everything is ironed and pinned, ready to sew....

I made some Better Burpies (plan to make a whole lot can never have too many burpies.  Am I right?!)

And some Pod Swaddlers...the striped one on the left is Ollie's and Bradley already has his green one. :)

 And of course my go-to slipper pattern for some soft slippers for baby Bradley's little feet (Ollie gets a pair too)!

Are you working on any fun projects at the moment? Do share!


  1. Hooray for sewing! The PODs look fabulous. What exciting things to be making.

  2. Those fabrics are adorable - just right for little boys! What did you use?

  3. These are so sweet, Hannah! I can't believe your due date is so close!

  4. YAY! An O name! I'm so glad. :) I can't wait to see that little boy. Are you dying to meet him? Stupid question, I know.

  5. Super cute are so talented.


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