Favorites on Friday...The Pregnancy Edition

So this may only apply to a few of you right now but I thought I'd share two of my favorites during this pregnancy.  Would you like to know what has helped me feel more comfortable and happy this time?  
The Bella Band (found mine at Target)

I can’t believe I spent the span of two full pregnancies (one of them with twins) without ever owning one!  I had heard of the concept before and even made a few using old undershirts but they never compared to the quality and support of the real deal.  I know there are cheaper versions out there, but nothing has compared to these.  I’m now hooked.

The concept is simple.  It’s an elastic band that fits over the top of your jeans/pants/skirts and up onto your belly.  You can use it to cover the fact that your jeans are unbuttoned, to hold up maternity pants/skirts that are a bit too loose, or simply to wear under shirts that are too short.  I bought three (two white one black) and I have seriously used them every single day of my pregnancy and plan to use them  postpartum as well.  Right now, I am really appreciating the support it gives my belly and even back.  So I would definitely say the Bella Band is a favorite!

Jewel Lullaby (I found it a Target but have seen it at Walmart too)

I discovered this a while back and it is seriously one of my favorite albums of all time!  It calms me (and the girls) down when the day is getting crazy or when it's nap time.  Jewels' voice is like magic in this album...seriously angelic.  It is all acoustic and 10 of the songs she wrote herself.   I listened to it at a little kiosk in Target and decided to get it and am so glad I did.  Seriously a favorite over here!

I've also really been enjoying burnt almond chocolate ice cream, chocolate in general, limes, tums (well I enjoy that they usually get rid of my heartburn), and Marshmallow Matey's (off brand of Lucky Charms). :)

Do you have any favorites?  Please share!


  1. Wow the Bella Band looks like a great idea! Wonder if its available in the UK?
    We're trying for baby no3 and I was huge with no2 so it may give me some much needed back support!!

  2. I love jewel, I didn't know that she sang lullaby. Thanks for the info, I better catch this one in the record store.
    Brad Fallon

  3. Well Hannah, I did 4 pregnancy's without it. Boo Hoo! Oh well! I love Jewel, that album sounds good, I'll have to check it out.

  4. I might have to try out the Bella Band...it looks very comfortable.
    I will have to check out the Jewel CD...fun.
    I haven't been really craving much yet...but I have been really craving a big dill pickle lately...not just any pickle...the really good kind...still holding out for a yummy pickle...I did the same thing when pregnant with the lil' man...I was always craving really good pickles.

  5. I found the bella band uncomfortable. Instead I tried the maternity jeans available at morphmaternity.com and found them to be absolutely fantastic! They are snug and so well fitted.


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