Favorites on Friday...Facebook

(haha get it, face....book?)

Well I finally did it.  I finally created a page in Facebook that will be totally dedicated to all things Lily&Thistle.  It was time (past time).  I've always liked Facebook because it is a great tool to connect and reconnect with people who mean something to me. Like friends from my childhood and people I taught and served my mission with years ago and heck even people who live down the street.  It is so fun to see what people are up to and thinking.

But since Ollie was born, I don't just like Facebook, I love it.  Why? Because it is a lot easier to write a few short lines about what is happening with life and with the business then it is to do a whole blog post and right now, that is a welcomed way to stay connected!  After all, wouldn't you rather spend time cuddling with this guy?

 (the small one...the big one my friends, although I know is tempting, is taken)

So, I hope if you have a Facebook account, you will go right over and "like" Lily&Thistle!  

For two reasons:

  1. You can get lots of great deals/promotions that will only be available there!  
  2. We can have more of a conversation then we can here.

So, go HERE and "like" me will ya (you can also just go on the left hand side and click the "like" button)?!  Oh and don't forget to enter to win a free ULTIMATE package by leaving a comment HERE.  I will be choosing winners on Monday!


  1. I've already "liked" you....in more ways than one.
    Congrats for finally starting a facebook page for Lily and Thistle. Yeah!

  2. Glad you started your facebook page. I think your dolls are super cute!


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