October 2013 Outfit of the Month


Our tenth stop this year will be to Guatemala!

“Guatemalan womens' outfits consist mainly of  Trajes. A blouse, a belt and a skirt of sorts.
 They’re always colorfully dressed.  The colors in the Trajes, represent  the villages where
 they live.  Westerners are concerned with matching their clothes, not wearing certain
 colors after  certain holidays, not wearing polka dots with stripes, etc. In Guatemala, this
 concept is nonexistent.  Traditional women’s clothing has stripes within stripes, colors 
 encircling other colors and patterns in larger patterns.  It is beautiful!”

New Outfits! 
I am working on Religions Around the World outfits.  I thought I'd start with mine since I know it and love it so well (LDS) I would love suggestions from you on other lines (Jewish, Catholic, etc., etc.). I thought these would be perfect for taking to church service to keep little hands busy. :) 
Included are a total of 8 outfits and a Molly and Peter doll

You can find them in the shop!

Also don't forget, Outfit of the Month's from 2010 and 2011 are available in the shop!

This month only,
Buy 2 Outfit Lines, Get One FREE!

(Equal or lesser value.  Just purchase two and let me know in notes to seller which outfit you'd like for free)


  1. I think Islam might be interesting to explore. It might be a little different than the LDS because there are different versions on dress in Islam depending on what culture the Muslims live in. For example, here in the Gulf countries, men wear thobes and women wear abayas, but it is more cultural than religious dress (though there is a tie to the religion). In Malaysia, a Muslim woman might wear more regular western clothing (long sleeved shirt & jeans) along with a hijab. Anyway, it is a thought.


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