Some Special Guests are Coming to Lily&Thistle...

I'd like you to meet three women I admire a lot.  From Left to Right: Thelma Dahl Davis, Olivia Dahl Cobian and Marianne Dahl Johnson.  Sisters to each other...cousins to me.

When I'm with these three, I feel like I'm home.  They just "get" me.  They also seem to just "get" how to be happy, confident, smart, wonderful women and they are all raising happy, smart, confident, wonderful girls.  Here's a picture of all of their girls (except Thelma's Emma and including Olivia's little Marcos he's a boy, not a girl) being royally beautiful in the wide open spaces of  Starr Valley, Nevada (don't you just want to beam yourself there?)

They have agreed to share some of their perspective with us here at Lily&Thistle.  I will be posting a short story from each of them in the coming weeks.  You'll want to stay tuned....I think you will really enjoy.


  1. Oh Hannah! Couldn't you find a better picture of me and my vain self? No. I guess not. I'm the least photogenic person in America.

    Hope I live up to the billing!

  2. Your cousins and their daughters sound great and HOLY MOLY are those mountains beautiful!
    and Thelma, i know the feeling, but you look fine:O)

  3. I always feel at home with you too, Hannah.


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