Nie Nie You Tube - My New Life

I don't know Stephanie Neilson in person though I really feel like I do.  If you don't know her story yet, you won't regret the time it will take to get to know her a bit.  She inspires me in so many ways.  She always makes me want to be a better friend, mom, wife and to have more faith.  I thought this was a perfect reminder of the beauty of motherhood.


  1. I feel the same way. I dont know her but I've followed her blog for so long that I feel like I do. She is absolutely AMAZING. I'm always in awe of her strength and faith. Beautful video. :)


  2. I've seen MANY a follower of Nie Nie, but have never taken the time the click the links... I guess I was ignoring the "tapping". Thank you for posting that, I feel a bit stronger today than I did yesterday, or even 5 minutes ago ;0)

  3. What a great example she is to me and the rest of the world. She is beautiful!


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