Favorites on Friday

I thought I'd share some favorite moments from this last week.  Did it fly by as fast for you as it did for me?!

Proud Laurel at the park...she just finished going down the "big slide".

My brother Micah Dahl and Maisy Dahl ...sharing a rare moment together.

 Aunt Jennifer (who looks so much like my Mom...the kids always call her Grandma) and sweet Norah Jane (who finally started crawling this week...perfect form too)!

Our windblown family on the train at "This is the Place" Monument and Park.  Jeff is my favoritest favorite.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that all of the Daddy's out there know how special they are!



  1. Hannah, your family is adorable. I miss you guys! I really can't get over some of the similarities between Savannah and Maisy. Maybe it's the curls. Loved the picture of Norah & Jennifer. What brilliant blue eyes! Hope to see you in Starr Valley sometime soon!

  2. can't get over how sweet your family is!! those curls and darling eyes!
    totally inappropriate but your brother is dashing too:O)
    glad you had a great (albeit fast) week with them:O)

  3. Oh those beautiful girls. So fun.

  4. Loved the pictures! Your girls are growing up way too fast and very beautiful! I also love the one of Norah and Jennifer, and love (even more) that they call her grandma.

  5. Hope you have a very, very happy bday tomorrow hun! Love the new blog!

  6. Hey, we rode the train at This is the Place Park on Saturday! Your girls are precious!


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