PHEW...I Have Been BUSY!

I am so happy to be able to say that the boy dolls and outfits are ready to purchase in the shop!  Here's a little preview:

The Fall Line for BOYS (these outfits come with any of the packages):

The Folk/Fairy Tale Line for BOYS:

And of course I couldn't leave the girls out.  Here is the Fall Line for the girls:

I don't know about you, but I am SO ready for Autumn to come! Today I saw mums at Costco and almost squealed with excitement. These outfits make me want to go shopping...oh to be able to just draw what I wanted and not have to hunt for it!  Maybe that's why I love paper dolls so much!

Oh yes and those of you who left comments helping out with the boys hair, please email me to claim your free boy doll and outfits!


  1. holey moley you are talented absolutely love those I think I may have to make a purchase thanks so much for sharing


  2. Oh man, they are so cute! I've always been satisfied with girl paper dolls before, but no longer! And, can I please have the girls fall wardrobe in my size for myself? Because it would suit me just fine! ;)

  3. I love love LOVE all of those! The boys/outfits are great and the fall line is even greater. Now to start making clothes like that for my girls to wear.;)I feel inspired!
    BTW, I left a comment on the boys hairstyle. You know my email;)

  4. These are way to cute. WAY!! Where do you find the inspiration for the clothes? Just darling. I know of seven little girls (okay 3 big girls 4 little girls) and one little boy that will be getting these for Christmas!

  5. are you KIDDING?! i don't remember freebies as a part of the hair suggestions post, but i'll take it!!
    they all turned out handsome as can be, and i can't wait for fall either... it's a heat index of sticky 110 here lately. gross!

  6. Hannah! The boys look wonderful. (so do the fall outfits.) And dear dear, now I am thinking over a boy doll that looks like my husband, just so I can get the storybook boy outfits, too.

  7. So adorable! The boys turned out great! You have been one busy momma! And yep, I'll take the girl's fall outfits for myself please, those are stylin'!

  8. So cute!!! Love the boys! And the fall outfits are perfect!


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