Favorites on Friday

Hello!  Hope this finds you having a happy Friday.  Things are good over here.  We are busy getting our house ready to sell which is always fun (you know that was sarcastic right?) One good thing about getting a house ready is that you do all of the projects you've been meaning to do for years....and I've been managing keeping the house pretty clean which is a miracle.

Also gearing up for the holidays!  I've started advertising in some of my favorite blogs.   Thought I'd list them for you here (because I think they could possible become some your favorites too):

Sarah Jane Studios (I finally got to meet Sarah in real life last month and was so impressed with her kindness and sincerity.  If you haven't seen her work, you're in for a treat! She is SUCH an inspiration to me.)
Simple As That (Rebecca's blog is simply beautiful and she's actually been kind enough to just put me on her side bar...thanks Rebecca!)
The Long Thread  (long time favorite)
MADE (Dana was one of my biggest cheerleaders through the beginning of the paper dolls and took most of the pictures you see in the shop...LOVE this lady and of course her blog is amazing)
Luvinthemommyhood (Shannon is another one of my faves.  She is completely down-to-earth and hilarious. You'll love her eye for beauty)

Now a question for you dear readers?  Do you know of any blogs you think would be a good place to advertise for the holidays?  I would appreciate any referrals you have.

And here are some of my favorite moments from this week:

Our abundant grape vine


 Norah loving one of the maybe 30 apples we got on our tree...it was a weird year here.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thank you for the kind words, Hannah! You are a lovely person! These photos are adorable!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Where you've chosen to place ads are all fabulous. Best wishes with the packing and keeping clean. I wish I could be there to whisk your girls to the park for an afternoon. Best wishes!

  3. my pleasure Hannah! :) Rebecca


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