When Giving Blood Goes Wrong

My husband Jeff, left an hour and a half ago to give blood.  It usually takes him a 1/2 hour tops...he's a pro blood donor.  He finally walked in the door looking like this.  I promise I comforted him (while fighting off laughter) after I took this photo. He said "and they didn't even have chocolate!"  I really think that may be the only reason he is always so anxious to give away his blood.  I adore this man.

And while we're posting pictures of Jeff (and reason's why I love him) here's a gem from a few weeks ago:

He brings so much light into my life.


  1. What a trooper. Hope those battle wounds heal quickly!

    i can totally relate- this is my norm:O)
    i have VERY small uncooperative veins so i don't even try anymore- it ends up being more trouble than its worth... especially because after about 4 tries i almost pass out.
    what a good guy:O)
    you can tell he's a sweetie with a sense of humor.
    hooray for good husbands!


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