Checking In...

It has been three and a half weeks of  getting to know our new little man-cub... two weeks of living here and it really has been about what I expected it would be...crazy, hard and wonderful all wrapped together.  I knew to expect high emotions, pain, exhilarating moments of pure love and joy and complete and total exhaustion.  That is about what it has been.

We are getting settled in and really enjoying our life here so far...waiting and hoping for the house in Utah to sell and loving the wide open spaces and all of the extra love from my parents and Grandma Dahl.  I'll post pictures of my view from here as soon as our camera card gets replaced.

Tragedy: the camera card that held all of the pictures from the last three weeks (and the first three weeks of Ollie's life) is broken and all of the pictures...gone. :(

Thankfully we have some pictures Micah and Camille took (they drove with us and hauled a bunch of our stuff...bless them).

Remember this post?  So much more fun having these two "on the outside".  Ollie is owning the "grumpy old man" look here.  Don't you just want to jump through the screen and kiss that Bradley's cheeks?!

Oh and on a totally unrelated note,  I thought I'd post this months' outfit.  It's one of my favorites so far.

How are you?  What are some of your memories of life with a newborn?  


  1. So glad you're safe and sound. Ollie is adorable...and I love the photos of the cousins together. Newborn time is a blur in so many ways. The one thing I remember is that I got to the point where I was amazed at how well I was functioning with so little sleep. It goes so quickly.

  2. Baby Ollie is just beautiful and you look so great! How fun to have a cousin the same age:). I am sure you are so enjoying this time together!


  3. Oh sorry you lost your pictures. I had a similar thing happen MANY years ago. It was the first time Gone with the Wind was on tv ( yep...than long ago) and i popped in a tape for the VCR. Well, I found out later that it was THE tape of bringing our baby girl home. Oh did I cry and cry and still kick myself the MANY times GWTW has been on tv. On a happier will always carry the joyous memories in your heart. XXX

  4. what a gorgeous boy!!! and what a gorgeous out of the month! i'd like one in my size, please! ;) glad to see you're doing so well.


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