The View from Here...

 This really is the view from where I am sitting right now...

 Great Grandma loves to play "Match" with the girls
...and Ollie gets at least one long holding session every day.

 On our way to the Green House after church....
 This is how you grow a garden in the middle of the Nevada Desert :)

Maisy loves to go "Hunt for Strawberries".

 Two words:  "those cheeks". 

Life is good...


  1. Life IS good! Love this post!

  2. We are in the middle of that good ole Nevada desert I know how precious that garden is! My 4 yr old was at a friend's house who happens to have a garden. Well, we live in a condo with not much for gardening the concept is not too familiar to him. He saw a strawberry on the plant and got so excited that he just found something "that was just growing there!" Of course he ate it, much to the dismay of said friend's 3 yr old...because he didn't even get a good one (it was a bit unripe). Your post just reminded me of that funny little moment & I had to share!


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