The Necessary Halloween Report

Candy was gathered (first time for all three girls...twins loved it, Norah was done after the first four houses).

The Family Photo....DONE (even though it is a horrible photo) Jeff, Ollie and Me = Popeye, Olive Oyl and Swea'Pea.  The girls= Princesses, of course.
Twins, such gracious little princesses...Who is that crazy kid in the corner?

Oh, Norah.  She is the two-iest two year old I've ever known (and I've known some)!
She loved her dress, hated her gloves.

Great Grandma checking them all out. :)

Hope your night was full of fun! Happy Halloween 2011.


  1. Lots of fun! My three year old is so three-ish (perhaps it's the name???) I know what you mean!

  2. Beautiful little princesses Hannah!

  3. Great Grandma's are such a blessing!


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