Let Us Catch Up...

This poor blog has been neglected lately but I have big plans for updating more regularly this year.  I thought I'd start by giving you a quick update:

Update No. 1:  We are here in Idaho!

We are here and loving it.  SO much still to unpack and do but we are making progress and living here is a delight even with half of our stuff still in boxes.  The neighborhood is quiet and the neighbors seem friendly.  I'm looking forward to getting to know them all better...maybe when it's a bit warmer outside.

Update No. 2:  Jordan and Ruthie came for a visit!
My brother's family came about a week after we got here for a quick visit.  It was so fun to see familiar faces.    
 Watch out, these kids are on a mission.  Destination: PARK!

Growing up with four brothers wasn't always easy...but they made up for it with the women they chose to marry! I seriously have the best sisters-in-law.  It was so nice to catch up and hang out with Ruthie. 


 The only picture I snapped of my brother Jordan.  The biggest teddy bear you will ever meet. I miss him already.  That's Rebeca born just after Norah.

 Pure Joy.

Update No. 3:

Gathered round our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  

I knew making nightgowns this year was not happening so I looked and looked online for classic nightgowns...what a disappointment!  If I didn't want Dora, Barbie or Disney Princesses on their gowns, I was out of luck (unless I wanted to pay $40 or more).  I posted my woes on Facebook and my good friend Sara responded asking if she could make gowns for the girls!  I sent her fabric, notions, etc. and they arrived at our doorstep from Minnesota a few days before Christmas.  She did a beautiful job don't you think?

Everything is ready...Ollie got a little peak. :)

Jeff started this tradition.  He tells the Christmas story in toddler terms with our Nativity Set.  I love this tradition.

Ollie had plenty of helpers!

 The big gift, a play kitchen.  I made the aprons a while ago...as you can see Norah is thrilled to be wearing hers for this picture. :)

There's the update.  Hope your December was full and happy too. I'll be seeing you again soon...promise! :)



  1. Welcome to Idaho! I hope you love it here. Your house is beautiful and it looks like you had a great Christmas :) Yay!

  2. It looks like you had a lovely Christmas. The nightgowns are just precious! Wish I was closer to help unpack or take the kids to the park so you could get more done. :)

  3. Your girls are so adorable! AND Ollie is so big and so cute! Glad you guys had a great December. You're better than me. I still haven't blogged about our Christmas yet.

  4. My heart just hugged those girls.

    Thanks for the update!


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