Off to the Park...

Norah and some of her Kitties.  She is obsessed with cats.  Pictured here are only three of her collection.  She has an eye that can find a kitty anywhere. When we were in Reno visiting family we visited a bookstore there.  One of the first things she saw when we walked in was a huge cat book (about half her size) she was so excited she started shaking. At only a dollar we bought it.  She literally sat and rubbed her face against the pages of that picture kitty heaven.

Right now it is beyond funny and cute...her love for cats.  I don't know how cute it will be when she is 30.  I hope that she doesn't turn into one of  those "cat ladies".  You know the ones. 

Laurel is always a fashion statement. 

Remember these glasses?  Best thrift store find ever!

These bags were sent by a friend...aren't they great?  She made them with oilcloth and some ribbons.  The girls love them for our little day trips...I love that I can just wash them out when they need a little cleaning.

The coloring books have been shipped!  Have you received yours yet?! 


  1. We received our coloring books in the mail yesterday!!! My two girls literally squealed fit to burst eardrums. :)

  2. My Norah also loves cats! It's all she wants for her upcoming birthday.

  3. Emma was a cat girl too. You have to get Norah the book Katie and the Wild Animals by Jan Brett. Emma loved it and I loved reading it to her because...Jan Brett.

  4. I opened our mailbox over the weekend to find our book. I am so excited and planning a fun afternoon of coloring and playing next week while my littlest naps. My oldest is always thrilled to have some alone time with mommy and I can't wait to surprise her with the dolls!

  5. Maisy's hair is so cute! I love Laurels shoes and glasses, and Norah is...well what can I say about her.....she is one of a kind! Love her!
    Can't wait to get our coloring books, we'll be looking for them in the mail.

  6. I used to be a cat lady. It wasn't so bad ;-D

  7. Hannah! Just checking in to see what the Stevenson's are up to!! My oh my! What a beautiful family you have. They're growing up so quickly! Can't wait to see more pics of the new house too! Love ya!


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