I said before that there would be some big changes around here.  We said good-bye to Camille in the last post (sniff, sniff) and now we get to say "HELLO" to Brittany!  I'm so excited for you to get to know her a little better.
(I love this picture of her...she was "modeling" for my etsy shop years ago.)

Do you remember her?  Remember this post?

Let me tell you a bit more:

Fun Fact #1: 
Brittany is essentially the one who brought my husband Jeff and me together.  When she was thirteen, she had a friend she was bringing to church who is deaf and needed an interpreter.  As fate would have it, I had just moved back to Reno and had just finished a job working with deaf children. So, when I overheard her mom (my future mother-in-law) tell someone she was looking for an interpreter, I volunteered!  I still remember the first time I met Brittany, I was so impressed.  She is a natural leader in all things good and worthy.  She has a passion for life and loves her family dearly (lucky us!).  

Aunt Brittany with baby Laurel

Fun Fact #2:  
Coming from a family of "left-brainers" Brittany is the creative one of the bunch. She plays the piano and viola very well and sings beautifully. She is also a great artist.  She dreams of writing and illustrating a children's book series one day (maybe we can get her to share some of her work with us?).  

She also has plenty of the Stevenson "left brain" to stay organized and (clearing throat) graduate from college two years earlier than her class. Such a smarty pants!

Fun Fact #3:

Brittany was born eleven years after Jeff (the youngest before her, she stole his title)...the caboose of the family.  For our first six years of marriage we lived just 8 miles away so I got to enjoy knowing her through braces and high school proms then on to college graduation....

And then there's THIS guy.  Her new husband, Ethan (who by-the-way is ready and very willing to share some French pastry tips with us in the future)! I love to watch them interact with each other.  They are the sweetest couple!

And they know how to eat a cannoli...am I right?  (Man, what I wouldn't give for a cannoli right now!) :)

Funnest Fact of All: They are expecting a baby GIRL in January! I can't wait to meet this little baby and to see these two be parents!

Brittany + Lily&Thistle = A fresh and energetic vision and some great goals for Lily&Thistle.  She is getting me organized and giving me a little kick in the toosh to get going again.  Tune in Monday for a whole new schedule for the blog which will include weekly giveaways and some other really fun themes!

Until then, wanna welcome her?


  1. Welcome Brittany!! I am sure you will have the time of your life working with Hannah. Congrats on your sweet new baby girl coming in January:)!


  2. Hello Darling Brittany. I know you'll be s huge help for my equally darling friend. :)

  3. Yay!! I feel like saying, "Go Brittany!"

  4. Welcome Brittany! I really look forward to reading
    this blog now...not that I haven't before, but it should be fun having you be a part of it.
    Congrats on the baby girl in January!


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