Snip, Snip...Sniff, Sniff

Two haircuts in two days.  First up, this little guy.  His "tail" was finally to the point of distraction.  Man alive why was I so sad to cut his curls?  

Maybe because he went from "baby" to "boy" in just a few minutes...sniff, sniff.

He did great.  He is growing up TOO FAST.  I seriously wish I could just freeze him right now.

Next up, this little cherub.  Norah found the scissors about a month ago and gave herself an epic "mullet".  We have worked with it, disguising it pretty well but I was getting tired of chasing her down every morning and trying to tame it.

                                          Those curls...hard to say good-bye.  I hope they come back.
Cut curls with a side of mac n' cheese! :)

Here she is!  Her cut reminds me of  Winnie the Pooh's friend, Christopher Robin.  

Within a few minutes of sweeping up curls I realized Norah was gone and it was quiet....a dangerous combination over here...sure enough, she had taken the scissors (I just set them down for a minute!) and snipped a nice bald spot right on the top of her head.
Oh this girl!  Love her spunk and determination...hope I can survive her childhood!

OK, please tell me I'm not alone.  Bring on the hair stories!


  1. Emma's cousin Raelyn cut off her pony tail once. Another time Emma singed her bangs on an unattended candle. (I can't believe I'm admitting that!) Then she took to her hair with scissors once too. The dull preschool ones that barely cut paper. They're brilliant on hair apparently.

    My boys' curly hair disappeared when they got about 7. Braeden's curls came back with a vengeance once he hit puberty. (He hates it. I love it.) I hope Mark's curls come back too.

    Good luck! Your kids are adorable. :)

  2. They are adorable!! I agree that the hair cuts make them look (way too) grown up - but what cuties they are!!

  3. Oh so many things to write to you! Your sons curls were just like my little brothers. I remember my mom didn't want to cut them either. :) I love the curls with a side of mac and cheese, that was so funny! My little Gwen is so similar to the things you write about Norah. If she is quiet I know it is totally bad news. Dereks grandpa used to say, "I wouldn't give a lick for a kid without their own opinion." That reminds me of Gwen and Norah. Little sweeties! They might just make us crazy, right? :)

  4. He is so handsome!!! And Nora... love the story behind her short hair! Cute kids!

  5. My youngest greatly needs a haircut to tame her unruly bangs, but I won't let myself go there after what I did to my oldest. For some reason I thought she would sit still while I trimmed her bangs when she was about the same age. You can see my reminder why I have a hair appt scheduled soon for my youngest.

  6. Loved the pictures. Your kids are wonderful. We had such a great time with you guys on Saturday. Savannah misses her friends! Hang in there. You're doing great!

  7. Oh Norah! She would get along well with Brooklyn. You are definitely not alone with that one. Needless to say, your children are adorable. Miss you.

  8. i can't wait to read part 2 of this story! oh mama! xoxo!

  9. Sweet blog! At about that same age my daughter cut her bangs..[sort of], then took the scissors to our unsuspecting kitty and cut her whiskers off. The poor cat could not figure out why she would wander into the walls. My son's *tail got a little longer than that before we had to say good-bye to the baby boy.. but this was during the early 90's and we could get away with it!:-) I remember well the tug at the heart though.
    Beautiful children!..these are the fast years so don't close your eyes :-))


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