Doll Diaries... Brittany announces a Winner!

Brittany here again, ready and excited to announce two wonderful things.  Not only will I be presenting the winner for Tuesday's giveaway, BUT, I will be doing so through a new weekly series called "Doll Diaries," starting with my MiniMe Paper Doll, Brittany!  Hannah and I are excited to feature the adventures and activities of girls and their dolls from all around the world-and yes, that means each of you have a chance to be featured and win a new doll friend and outfits to go on your adventures! (See later for details!)

 In any case, we shall begin our day with my doll, Brittany.  

Some days, you just need to get things done.  What's the best way to do that?  With my lovely pink planner (I happened to purchase this the day before I found out I was having a girl... I think I was on to something!).  

Looks like we need to prepare and send some packages, and pick a winner for the giveaway. 
 Off to work!

Overseeing printing here can sometimes get crazy!  

Today, thankfully, everything goes just according to schedule.  We're ready to begin packaging!

Packaging these dolls really is an art.  Each doll has her own outfits ready to go, and it's time to wrap them up to be sent to friends around the world.  These dolls we are packaging today are headed to a birthday party in North Carolina!  I love imagining all of the fun they will have at their party!  I wish I had a party like that when I was younger-but who says it is too late?!

Now that the orders are all taken care of, it is time to pick a WINNER for Tuesday's Giveaway Day... Backyard Edition! 

When choosing winners, there's really only one thing you can do-grab a hat and draw a name!  

The anticipation was almost too much to bear... 

Drumroll, please!

Nicole B. will be receiving a FREE Print It Yourself doll and outfit line of her choice.  Thanks to everyone who commented for the fun backyard activities!  I know what I'll be doing this weekend!

Thank you all for joining us for Doll Diaries!  I wonder who will be featured next!

 Would you like to be featured with your doll in next week's Doll Diaries, and receive a new doll friend and outfits to go along for FREE?  
Email with subject line: SPOTLIGHT with your doll’s name, photos of your doll (no more than 5 images, please), and a short description/narrative/explanation of you and your doll’s adventures.  If your doll is spotlighted, you will get a free printable doll and outfit line to go on more fun adventures with your doll!


  1. Congrats to Nicole! Lucky!
    Love the Doll Diaries and love the "Brittany" doll. Such a cute idea!

  2. Oh! I never win anything-thanks!!! We LOVE mini me dolls. Now my daughter is old enough to get her own :). Should I place my order through the site as normal? So excited!!

  3. Congrats Nicole!
    Just email Brittany at and she'll get you going!


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