The Halloween Report 2012 and a Winner

 Oh wow, did they love trick-or-treating this year!

 We started out at one of our favorite family's here in Idaho.  The Crane family. 
Julianne Crane teaches the twins (we used to be team teachers) in church Primary Sunday School.  They, plus Norah absolutely adore her.  They worship the ground she walks on.  When Sunday Sacrament meeting gets too crazy, we've been instructed by Julianne to send the girls to sit by them.  And we do.  They are always welcomed with happy smiles and arms outstretched.  It has been such a blessing to me because I know there is no judgement.  Just pure love for my girls and my family.  I hope someday to be able to give the same blessing to someone and I hope my kids are as sweet and kind as the Crane kids are.
More of the Cranes.  Jenna and Jessica are our favorite babysitters.

 Us.  Almost everyone looking. Jeff and I dressed as exhausted parents who desperately need hair cuts. ;)
 Cute little Witch.
 Maisy walked around the house for at least an hour practicing her ghoulish howl. Woooooohhooowoooo.

 Norah was in heaven.  Her dream of being a kitty, finally realized. :)

 This guy was a toothless jack-o-lantern. Literally.  More on the "toothless" part later.

 Most of their spoils.  Our neighborhood was AWESOME this year.  So much activity and just magic for the kids. I (maybe for the first time in my adult life) was really sad that Halloween was over last night!  It really was just so fun seeing their excitement and joy.

OK, now on to our WINNER!  It is:
How does she celebrate this Spooky time of year?

"My sisters and our families meet at my house...along with our dad for dinner and some serious street walking! The weather is forecasted to be terrible this year, but so be it! It has never stopped us before...we leave a big pot of candy on our front porch for visitors while we are gone! Happy Halloween to you!"   Please email lily& to redeem your prize! 


  1. your kids are super cute and i loved your 'costume'. that was totally mine, too!

  2. Those kids are soooo cute! Did you french braid their hair? So cute! Great job on the costumes, esp. on your's and Jeff's....very convincing! LOL!

  3. Thank you!! so excited! I was just talking to my daughters teacher at conference about paper dolls! super excited to win!!

    We braved the weather in winter coats and rain boots and had a great time....tonight i need to skim all the really 'bad for your teeth' candy from the kids buckets!

  4. Exhausted parents in need of haircuts? Least-believable-costume-ever.
    You both are adorable as always.

    Norah, a cat? Shockface. :)
    Love you. Love the kids.


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