A Quick Trick

Just a quick post today.  I wanted to share a little trick I found from Marian at Miss Mustard Seed (careful if you go to her site you may be there all day).  This, in my view was a miracle worker on some old nightstands I found at a thrift shop.  

I scored two matching nightstands for $20.  Solid wood with dovetail drawers...not particularly my style but they had potential!  It was obvious that they needed refinishing.  I thought for the time being I could just clean them up a bit and do a full on refinish later.

Enter on Center Stage the Vinegar and Oil (not just for salads, people).
Like Marian suggested, I did a mixture of 3/4 cup of oil and 1/4 cup vinegar and had some to spare. 
Note: You can use cider vinegar and olive oil...really whatever you have on hand.
Mix together and dip a rag in it and simply wipe....

After...amazing right?!

Here is the finished project a few weeks later.  Still looks great.  I added new hardware (cost $2 each) and seriously within a half of an hour I had completely revived two nightstands.  Time: 30 min  Cost: $24.  Not bad!

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Summer Catch Up and Fun Wreath Idea

 Our Summer officially started when my sister and her family came for a visit!  
 Just two of her kidlets...don't you love that toothless grin?

 We went to the local Discovery Museum...the mini grocery store was definitely a favorite

 Norah with her "bag of kitties" on the way to Reno
This girl LOVES her kitties!
 We went back to Reno for 4th of July festivities.  It was our first time back since moving to Idaho.  It was so nice to see familiar faces and reconnect.
Fires everywhere in the west in case you haven't heard.  Nevada was no exception.  We limited ourselves to bubble wrap (the kids LOVED it for about a minute).... 

 and my brother brought his small arsenal of party-time poppers and pop-its.  A good time was had by all.

How cute is this? This was by my parents' front door to greet all of us.  My mom found flip-flops for everyone (including adults) who came to celebrate.
She took it apart on July 4th and we all got to wear our new flip-flops! So fun!

 Lake Tahoe is just about 45 mins. away so we got to spend a day with the Stevensons and the Youngs for a Reunion 
 Jeff and his brother Ben...loved seeing them together.

The water is cccccold but so refreshing. :)  The view was AMAZING as usual.

 Grandpa is the funnest!
Heavenly day for this little guy!  He loved it!

Of course the Paper Doll Coloring Books didn't get done until the week we were all supposed to be out of town so thankfully they were shipped to us there in Reno.  Camille worked so hard to get as many out as possible while we were "on vacation".

We got to celebrate Great-Grandma Dahl's 94th Birthday.  She really was happier than she looks here.  I love her so much.

 My brother Tavan's kids.  Seriously some of the greatest kids.  We've had two summers in a row of  a whole week of quality time with them. I love how much they love Ollie. :)

It was so fun to go but it is so nice to be back!  What exciting adventures have you been on this summer?

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Off to the Park...

Norah and some of her Kitties.  She is obsessed with cats.  Pictured here are only three of her collection.  She has an eye that can find a kitty anywhere. When we were in Reno visiting family we visited a bookstore there.  One of the first things she saw when we walked in was a huge cat book (about half her size) she was so excited she started shaking. At only a dollar we bought it.  She literally sat and rubbed her face against the pages of that picture book...in kitty heaven.

Right now it is beyond funny and cute...her love for cats.  I don't know how cute it will be when she is 30.  I hope that she doesn't turn into one of  those "cat ladies".  You know the ones. 

Laurel is always a fashion statement. 

Remember these glasses?  Best thrift store find ever!

These bags were sent by a friend...aren't they great?  She made them with oilcloth and some ribbons.  The girls love them for our little day trips...I love that I can just wash them out when they need a little cleaning.

The coloring books have been shipped!  Have you received yours yet?! 
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