A New Little Life...Meet Adeline

"Aside from new babies,
new mothers must be the most 
beautiful creatures on earth."
-Terri Guillemets

My dear sis-in-law/assistant extraordinaire and her husband Ethan do good work wouldn't you say? Meet Adeline!  January 15th is a special day. Both Adeline and the Twins' birthday.  Five years apart. I love that  Brittany and I get to celebrate the day we became mothers for the first time on the same day. :)

We live hours away and it is killing me not to get to hold this sweet little bundle but I'm so proud of Brittany (almost two days of labor!) and Ethan. 

 Well deserved rest for both of them....

She already loves to look at Daddy.

 This picture brought a tear to my eye.  Nothing like these perfect moments.

Congratulations on the start of a new, hard, sticky, wonderful journey!
Love you guys.



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