February Deals and Outfit of the Month - A Visit to Sweden

Thank you to all who responded to last month's question, 
"What country would you like to see in an Outfit of the Month this year?". 

 So many countries I hadn't even considered!  I can't wait to share many of your suggestions in the coming months.  We may have to have two years of Girls Around the World outfits!

Our second stop this year will be to Sweden.

This is a Swedish Midsummer (Midsommar) Day outfit.  Midsummer is celebrated every June and is second  in popularity only to Christmas.  Before going to the festivities, girls make sure to create a festive daisy-chain for their hair and look forward to dancing and singing with friends and family under the Maypole.  Before bedtime, the custom is for youth to pick seven different kinds of flowers and put them under their pillow for their future spouse.

I'm curious if any of you have visited Sweden or have ancestors from there (I do!).  I know of a few of you are from Sweden.  Do you celebrate Midsommar?  

HUGE Deal:

Everything Valentine Package

Included in the PDF package:
* SIX dolls: Four girls and two boys (look below to see which dolls)
* 10 new Valentine outfits (Eight girl outfits below, 2 Boy outfits below)
* Free subscription to the Outfit of the Month club (if you need to update your subscription or just want to tag on another year this is a great price!)
* Two special Valentine postcards and poster printables (see below
If you already have a Minime doll, now your doll will have some friends to play with! The dolls in this deal are not custom (see photos for the dolls you will receive). Items are all in PDF form so will be emailed to you when payment is received.  Go shopping!


  1. Thank you so much for adding Sweden to your outfit of the month dolls. I really appreciate you reading my comment when you were looking for outfit ideas. :)

  2. I love this outfit Hannah! I remember as a little girl, seeing pictures of children dancing around a pole and thinking that that looks so fun. I always wanted to do it! My girls will love this outfit.

  3. I purchased the $8.50 package. How do I get it?

  4. I'll be sending it your way today! Thanks Cookie!


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