March Outfit of the Month, a Trip to Ghana and BOGO

Maybe it is wishful thinking but I thought for this month I'd do something from a warm country and maybe it would bring some warmth here to Idaho.  It's been a long, cold winter and we are all ready for some sunshine!

Our third stop this year will be to Ghana.

In West Africa, a kaftan or caftan is a pull-over woman's robe.[1] In French, this robe is called a boubou, pronounced boo-boo. The boubou is the traditional female attire in many West African countries including Senegal, Mali, and Ghana. The boubou can be formal or informal attire. The formality of the kaftan depends upon the fabric used to create it.

This is my kind of outfit!  Doesn't it look so comfy and pretty?

March Deals

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Have you had your eye on an outfit line or two or maybe a new doll?  This is the month for you!  Virtually everything in the shop (excluding party packages and printed paper doll coloring book) is part of this deal.

Simply purchase your first (of highest value) item and then in your notes at checkout let me know what you'd like for your free item.  I do this once a year so take advantage of it while you can! There are no limitations. Enjoy!


  1. My husband and I went to Ghana a few years ago. It's a beautiful country because the people are so amazing. I've never met people who embodied their faith so completely - no matter their religion, they truly seemed to live the best parts of it. One day I left our hotel to run a few errands while my husband took a nap. Complete strangers crossed the street to make sure I was okay: "You're usually with your husband. Is he alright?" Our last day in Ghana, we had only enough money for the taxi; we didn't want to get any more money out because we couldn't change it back, and we didn't need or want to do or buy anything that would require money. I was taking one last walk through the market when I commented to a mother that her child was so beautiful. A man standing nearby said, in a friendly, almost joking tone, "Then buy something so she can buy the baby some food!" I replied jokingly, "I can't. No money. No money even for food." He pulled out his wallet and said, "Here. I'll give you money for food." Who does that?!? (I didn't take his money, by the way.) I've been all over the world, to a dozens of countries, but I've never met any people as generous and compassionate as the people in Ghana.

    The women in Ghana often wore dress-and-skirt combinations made out of the same fabric, quite fitted to the body, obviously custom-tailored, in gorgeous, vibrant prints. The men often wore suit pants and a white shirt with a tie. In Ghana it's not uncommon for men and women both to be bald; or for women to wear their hair in amazingly elaborate braids.

  2. Wow thanks maydijo for your comment! So nice to hear and makes me want to visit someday!


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