Favorites on Friday

I am writing this from my tiny net book in a guest room at my parents home in Reno.  It's nice to be here with them and my brother Jordan and his wonderful little family.  I have some awesome photo's but it's late and they aren't downloaded so that will have to wait.  Anyway, here are a few gems I found this week.  Enjoy!

This made me think and made me so thankful for my man

This made me thankful and gave me some perspective

I thought this was pretty important to remember

This is a pretty cool idea.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,



  1. "I have married the right man because God can make me the right woman." I love that! Thank you Hannah!

  2. I love the idea of supporting girls on your blog, Hannah. I too have been pondering things I could do to encourage the maternal side of my daughters, and have started making pretend playthings for them in that vein. I hope you'll take a look.


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