Picking Rocks...

What an exciting way to start a post!  I'm afraid the rest of it doesn't get much better.  But the pictures are cute and it has been a part of our summer here so I thought I'd share.

Catherine is our neighbor.  She is a single woman (and closet writer...amazing writer) who owns an acre of land to the side and behind us.  Last year she planted almost a whole acre of garden and was begging us and everyone she knew to "come and pick".  This year Jeff and I decided it was ridiculous for us to plant a garden if Catherine was going to do the same.  So we offered to help weed, water etc.  She told us the most helpful thing for us to do would be to "pick rocks".  So that's what the girls and I do.  We bring a 5 gallon bucket and fill it up with rocks.  The girls love it and it keeps us all busy for about an hour.

Here's a peek:

Laurel on the way to Catherine's home

If you look really closely you will see Cody. Cody is Catherine's dog and the girls HAVE to go and visit him daily.  He doesn't bark he just howls.  Maisy will randomly howl at throughout the day...probably just thinking about Cody AAAOOOOOWWWWHHHH!

On our way to the rocks....

This is why we move rocks...Catherine shares her HUGE garden with us.

Maisy's found a big one!
Norah just scoping things out...Neldon's trailer is getting fixed.

We are making progress....

Norah getting in on the action.

Oh here comes "buddy" to get some love

I just loved Laurels face in this one

There's Neldon...Catherine's "Man Friend" he has done amazing things with this rocky land.

I snapped this as fast as I could...Maisy putting her arm around Laurel.

I have thought a little about how this is a metaphor for my life.  Two metaphors really....the first is a motherhood metaphor:  Day after day I strive to sift and strain the stones that I don't want in my family's life/soil.  I want the soil they are growing up in to be rich with nutrients of love, true beauty, honor and divine inspiration.  Those pesky rocks (which symbolize too many things to name here) can seem so insignificant and unimportant but they add up if I don't sift and "pick rocks". 

Also a metaphor for rocks in my own self/soul.  I often think while picking up those dusty rocks...what kind of rocks are in my soul/soil that are keeping me from growing into the beautiful person God wants me to be?

Just something I think about while picking rocks.


  1. That was beautiful, Hannah. Who knew "picking rocks" could be so insightful. Love it.

    Oh yeah, and your girls are so cute too!

  2. too funny - my girls love to do this as well - and you brought the pink chair along!! LOVE that!


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