Favorites on Friday

I loved this poem about one of my favorite flowers
My sister has been busy again with some adorable clippies
Great shrinky dink idea for your girls favorite pets from mmm crafts
This was a great reminder that we are ALL artists from Sarah Markley
I will do this butterfly collage one day from the Idea Room...I WILL!
Some laundry wisdom from one of my favorites Cally at Calico
I have been loving Chris' Little Mama Series over at Pickup Some Creativity

These are a few favorites from this fun week with Jeff's family:

Catching some air with Mom and Uncle Phillip (she LOVED it)

After a hike to a beautiful waterfall that we just learned about (why am I the only one who looks like she just ran a marathon?)!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I would look the same way after any hike these days...any exertion plus fair skin = RED. Thank you for sharing my Little Mama series. I keep thinking of more things I could do for my girls. :)

  2. You're family is adorable! Glad you are having fun with your extended family.
    BTW, thanks for sharing my clippy's. I feel so honored that you'd think to do that.


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